Cloud Cuckoo Land Premier denounces Trump as a fantasist

There have been many denunciations of Donald Trump from many sources since he took office, but the latest one has to be the most galling yet.

The latest country to speak out against Trump is Cloud Cuckoo Land. Their president, a Ms Hedda Parse, gave the following statement to the assembled press last night.

“On behalf of the entire population of Cloud Cuckoo Land, I hereby state that Mr Trump is a fantasist, believing in things that are completely impossible with unfounded optimism, as typified by his obsession with a border wall. Castles in the air are our job!”

The source of this denunciation is particularly striking, given the general nature of Cloud Cuckoo Land’s inhabitants.

“It has long been held,” Ms Parse acknowledged, “that we, the people of Cloud Cuckoo Land have our heads, quite literally, in the clouds, and are blind to some harsh realities, and some of our citizens can be said to justify that claim, I admit. However, each and every one of us is a hardened cynic in comparison to Donald Trump. He never considers the actual effort required to carry out his ideas, or the consequences of these same ideas.”

Mr Trump responded in his usual manner, that is to say by tweeting angrily about his denouncers:

“FAKE NEWS ALERT! The people of Cold Turkey Cloud are just a bunch of sissies who have done nothing to make the world a better place. Sad!”

At least we assume that Cold Turkey Cloud was meant to be Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Mr Trump then tweeted:
“We’ll see how optimistic they are when we nuke the clouds they live in.”

Mr Trump has apparently already authorised an actual attack on the clouds, scheduled to commence next week.

We assume that the nebulous empire will in future be known as Mushroom Cloud Cuckoo Land.

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