Wolf in Latin clothing in dumb-powder plot

Mad as hell backbencher Jacob Rees-mogg (MP for Mon-oc-Le) has embroiled himself in yet another assault on the parliamentary sovereignty he was so keen on when he thought 650 people would bend to his will.

”It’s the dumb powder plot AGAIN,” our exasperated parliamentary correspondent reports, with a vein popping somewhere, “seriously, these ERG halfwits do hypocrisy with each breath.”

The plot this time to undermine representative democracy centres on an obscure 19th century bit of power, that JRM remembers the birth of as if it was yesterday.

”Basically he wants Her Maj to act like the autocrats in her deep lineage and over rule parliament, should it get too uppity and act to scupper, or delay Brexit so we don’t all starve,

”The Brexit MPs driving ambition is to turn the U.K. into a tax haven and burn workers’ rights in the process. Environmental rights. Gender equality. Racial equality. Any equality really. It’s so galling to win the accident of birth lottery and be told your equal to the idiots who didn’t choose their parents well. They can’t stand it. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY LABOUR IS ALSO A BREXIT PARTY AT THE MOMENT?”

”Sorry. It all gets too much. It’s really hard to report on this mind enflaming hypocrisy without swearing. Such a bunch of Jeremy Hunts.”

So that clears that up.

The hypocrisy on the part of Jacob is even more touching given the film of him arguing for an EU ref, back in the days before the country was taken over by a right wing coup, supported currently by the left wing, as Jacob is on film suggesting a second ref would be advisable on whatever deal was achieved, should the U.K. be illegally manipulated by dark money and foreign interference into marginally voting for Brexit in an advisory ref.

”What a shower of shit governs us,” our correspondent bursts back in, “why couldn’t Her Maj have stepped in earlier? All these businesses shifting all their money out of the U.K., why didn’t they? I’m going for a drink.”

And so are we. As the latest dumb powder plot by JRM goes off like a penny rocket, which is more than can be said for the gunpowder plot.

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