Brits impatient for Mueller to hurry up and drain the swamp

LCD Views has conducted the biggest survey of its kind for this time of day to discover what the British attitude is to US special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump (alleged, of course, only alleged) criminal presidency.

“Drain the swamp!” was one of the most common responses, and in a tone of voice that was rather impatient.

“How long does it take?” the British people also wanted to know, “and why not release all the dirt on the British politicians and charlatans caught up in the international kleptomanic, feudalist conspiracy so we can start locking them up! Then take your time with Trump, but preferably before he starts WW3 to stop the bloody pee tape coming out.”

From Farage meeting with Assange, to Boris suddenly talking Bannon talk about deep state conspiracies, to robbed Victorian grave Jacob Rees-mogg wanting to actually suspend parliament to stop parliament being a parliament, the currents flowing between the Trump swamp and the Westminster swamp feel strong.

“Maybe the famous British bridge builder has actually built a bridge?” someone mused, thinking of Boris Johnson’s obsessions with bridge designs (well, not designs, just suggestions of designs), “Mueller would know by now. Let’s find out!”

As the people surrounding the cheeto skinned, narcissistic freak show in the White House go down one by one to Mueller, week by week, surely it’s time to have one of our own nailed?

“It’s time,” the responses kept rolling in, “to turn back the rising tide of human hating greed and crime that has risen around the crumbling walls at the Palace of Westminster. If our own government won’t do it, because the executive is addicted to the shredder, then we’ll be glad when Mueller does, even if it’s only a British sub-plot in an American crime drama.”

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