Arlene Foster asked to act as agent for Labour MPs offered bungs to vote with Tories

Steady hands to the pump within the ranks of Labour today with the fake news that DUP leader Arlene Foster is rumoured to have been asked to act as the agent for Labour MPs offered bungs to vote with the Tories.

”This sort of work takes someone who knows the ropes,” Potentially Any Labour MP in a constituency that voted Leave (but more likely the ones who keep voting with the government), due to dark money and data manipulation and lies and some of them, well, some racists voted Leave, but no one is allowed to say that. That’s part of the manipulation of public opinion to turn the U.K. into a tax haven.

”It’s pretty funny, some of the Labour MPs who keep saving Theresa May’s ass were heroes for being lifelong champions of the underprivileged, and here they are, so steeped in an ideology decades anachronistic they’re prepared to save one of the cruelest and most incompetent governments in British history, just in the hope of nationalising the production of slogans and scooters.”

The offering of a bung, in the form of cash or a peerage, has become standard practice for the government of Theresa May.

”That’s because she can’t win a political argument with truth and reason, so she appeals to people’s basest self interest.”


It’s not certain at the time of going to print if the MP for Islington North will also be bunged, but it’s unlikely.

”That’s because his own actions confirm him as a diehard leaver.”

Like calling for Article 50 to be invoked on the 24th June 2016 and three line whipping his MPs to vote for it, before any preparation was done? Oh and being one of few MPs to vote for an IN/OUT EU ref back in 2011?

”Quite. Bin fires warming the hands of the middle classes don’t start themselves comrade.”

Well, money saved is money earned! So what argument will May use to sway Labour MPs over to vote with her for her Brexit deal, in the hope of counterbalancing out the Tory rebels?

”Your principals are shallower than my pocket. And the money I’ll bung you, after attacking the magic money tree, I should have spent in your constituency anyway, if I cared at all, which I don’t.”


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