Backstop Productions and Making It Up As You Go present a new political thriller

LCD Views is thrilled to announce a new feature premiere from acclaimed political theatre team ‘Backstop Productions’, who have teamed up with ‘Making It Up As You Go’ to present a tense, new political thriller about life in the Westminster bubble.

“The action centres on the journeys back and forth from Westminster to continental Europe of dark money bag woman ‘The Maybot’,” our entertainment and improv analyst says,

“she’s played by amateur politician Theresa May, who you may recall playing the role of prime minister in Rupert Murdoch’s long running serial ‘I own 10 Downing Street so F U’. Critics who have seen advanced screenings say she’s nailed the role, along with her red, white (emphasis on the white) and blue colours to the mast.”

But the production hasn’t been without detractors?

“That’s right. There is critique from some that the plot is repetitive as it essentially revolves around the Maybot pretending to work towards a solution that doesn’t end civilised society in the United Kingdom, but really it’s all for show and her character’s real aim is to run down the clock and trigger a god almighty smash and grab of UK plc assets for tax havens.”

And the dialogue has come in for scorn too?

“Yes indeed. While it’s possible this is a classic of post modern cinema, and the dialogue is a device to disturb the viewer and make them question all they thought they knew, ‘The Maybot’ only speaks slogans for the first two acts and then just asks a man in Brussels the same question over and over for the last act, no matter how often he says no.”

So who’s the hero of the story?

“Trailers released while production was ongoing suggested it was a character called ‘Magic Grandpa’, but it won’t be a spoiler for me to say as the action unfolds he looks more and more like one of the villains.”

We understand there was disagreement within the production company over the title of the film too?

“Indeed. The film was very nearly called ‘The Woman Who Didn’t Know Enough’, or even ‘Get Backstop’, but in the end ‘The Woman Who Knew Too Little’ won out, because it’s really all one and the same thing. And one more thing…”


“Don’t be a wallflower. The movie is due for UK wide release on the 29th of March 2019 and audience participation is compulsory. But that’s okay, because by then everyone will have heard the key dialogue so often, we’ll all be pretty much fed up with it. Tickets are only £350m per week, but there’s no need to book in advance as you’ll be forced to buy one, if necessary, at the point of a gun held by a terrified army recruit outside your local off licence.”

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