Government to bring MV4 on May’s Deal by 6pm this evening

“I must advise the honourable, and the dishonourable, members of this house that if they ever wish to see their families again they will pass my Deal this evening,” a clearly furious Theresa May told the HoC this afternoon after her dodgy deal failed to pass third time lucky.

”This Government will now move to bring MV4 on MY DEAL by 6pm this evening and I advise you to vote for it.”

The reason for the delay was not initially clear, why not just do it again right now?

”They had to lock BERCOW in a cupboard and put a Bercow mask on Dominic Raab,” our Palace of Westminster insider texted out, “and it was thought it was going to take a few hours to locate and kidnap enough members of opposition bench families to hold as security for good behaviour.”

Another reason for a few hours pause was believed to be Ms May personally taking a chainsaw to the magic money tree and chopping the last of it to the ground.

”A bigger cash incentive will be needed to swing around the zealots in the ERG and the zealots in the DUP, but she’s their measure now. She’ll get her deal through by this evening at the fourth attempt and then she can switch back to blackmail. Much less grubby than bribery.”

Quite what will happen if May’s deal doesn’t pass at the fourth attempt is not yet clear, as always with Brexit.

”What the government really fears is a long Article 50 extension,” our insider says, “that’ll mean a terrifying outbreak of democracy. EP elections, then a GE and finally the PV. And no one wants to vote again. We already had a vote, once, years ago.”

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – May releases rock classic in bid to roll MPs over

One day resigning Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa Maybe, has dug into the annals of rock history this week in an attempt to get others to help her finish the job she was put up to do.

“She’s recorded a cover of the AC/DC classic ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ and everyone in the House of Commons has found it downloaded onto their phones whether they wanted it there or not,” our Westminster headbanger informs, “it’s done in a bid to use the rumble and beat of rock to roll MPs over to her side. Oh, and a neat way to offer an ‘incentive’ to that end.”

The lyrics have been modified from the original to target wavering Labour MPs especially.

“She knows that to get her deal though the House of Commons on the third bash, after amputating it, mincing it, mashing it, washing it and hanging it out to dry, in order to get passed the rules (what are rules to a Brexiter but an unnecessary hindrance?) she’s going to need Labour MPs who should have joined UKIP to come over to her side and hang out with the Tory MPs who have turned the Tories into UKIP,

“But how to convince them? Maybe a little cash incentive? But how to pitch it? Why not with song?”

If you’re havin’ trouble with your constituents
They’re givin’ you the blues
You want to stay in office but not in in power
Here’s what you gotta do
Pick up the phone
I’m always home
Call me any time
Just ring
10 10 10 Downing Street
I hack apart the magic money tree all the time

“Some critics have suggested the reworking of the lyrics wasn’t necessary, but I think it makes the appeal more direct,” our headbanger says, “after all, whatever (most likely) false promise of cash May will offer, it’s not a patch on what the MPs’ areas will lose as a result of Brexit. So if you want them to dance to your tune, you’ve got to give them a song to sing to.”

Here at LCD Views we applaud the Prime Minister for not being bound by the staid traditions of the past like a sound and coherent argument for gaining support, while backroom deals are done in secret, but being very open. It shows the voting public just who is doing the dirty deeds, and doing them cheap. Ultimately you’re the ones paying the price, so that makes it a lot easier for some MPs to tap their foot along.

By way of light relief we’ve added a link to a shocking reworking of the AC/DC classic below, discovered by accident during the exhaustive research for this article.

Who’s song will you sing next time you vote? Well, if there’s a next time, given the aims of Brexit.

Don’t Know to form political party after topping poll as preferred prime minister

Great news for people searching for new blood in the scabby world of Westminster politics with the announcement by Don’t Know that it’s to form a political party and stand in all constituencies in the next general election.

“Ferocious bit of timing,” LCD Views’ Mr Pole Star commented, “I’m full of admiration. A few years ago Don’t Know was the least popular of all the candidates when set against either the sitting prime minister or opposition leaders. But now. Wacko! Frightening bit of calculation.”

Who will stand with Don’t Know is not yet certain.

“That makes sense, given the name,” Mr Pole Star guided, “but one thing is certain, constructive ambiguity only gets you so far. So too attempting to pass the entire economy out the back of Downing Street and into the hands of dark money interests.”

Labour have already ruled out an electoral pact with Don’t Know, even though a coalition could see them seize 10 Downing Street.

“You can’t have a Soviet command and control, centralised economic structure with a coalition of snowflakes,” Mr Star illuminated, “so that’s no surprise. Don’t Know is perfectly capable of governing alone anyway, as it really has the mood of much of the country when it looks to the future.”

Reports that Don’t Know will join the Conservatives, instead of forming its own party, and challenge May for the leadership in December have been dismissed as rabble rousing.

“Ignore the detractors, they’re just trying to confuse people so they can’t see the light in the window guiding them home. Unless Labour actually become an opposition party and fiercely oppose the government’s main policy platform of Brexit, which it is clear will hurt the most vulnerable the most, they’ll be breaking their own eggs from now on to make Don’t Knows’ omelette.”

Theresa May attempts to fall on her sword and misses

Theresa May was presumed politically injured, but still alive last night, after she attempted to fall on her sword and missed.

”It was a big hearted attempt at political seppuku,” our political analyst granted, “she kneeled on the floor before the 1922 committee of senile delinquents, opened her silk robe to reveal skin that appeared scaled underneath, took her sword in her hands and paused dramatically.”

Then what?

”Wait. It was a dramatic pause.”


”She then offered to complete her put up job as Brexit patsy by resigning, probably, if everyone backed her deal.”

Apparently there were misty eyes in the room. To see a servant of darkness so close to fulfilling her half of the Faustian pact that made her prime minister.

”She then attempted to stab herself in the heart and failed.”

Did she at least pierce her skin?

”Oh, she went clean through and out the other side. Penetration wasn’t the issue. The inability to locate the shrivelled up prune that serves as her hostile environment, food bank breeding ‘Go Home’ van heart was.”

So what happened next?

”More tears. Big sobs actually from Boris. He thought he was about to be proclaimed leader, even as the political blood was slopped off the floor, but in the end of course he, and Rees-mogg ended up just tripping over in it and injuring themselves too.”

But what happened to Theresa May?

”She stood up and announced grandly she was going to fall on her sword instead,” our analyst informs, “the blood offering would be made. But of course as soon as she made to leap to fall on the point Arlene Foster gave her a shove and she just faceplanted into the floor.”

A right Brexit facepalm moment.

MPs to solve Brexit with game of Twister while PM carries on planking

Relief at last Britons! Parliament has found a way forward towards solving the impasse of Brexit.

“We’ve probably given the executive long enough to play with the lives of nearly 70m people I suppose?” Oliver Lets-win (MP) told LCD Views,

“personally I would have voted tribally because that’s how we do things here, but part of our tribe, the BORG, wouldn’t vote with our tribe, even though our tribe where offering them what they wanted. Even though members of the other tribe were prepared to vote with us to give our tribe what it wanted,

[this sounds contorted]

“This was weird. The BORG had two shots at it. We’re not sure why they didn’t take any Brexit, given they can’t be trusted to stick to any agreement made anyway?

[what’s your theory why they didn’t?]

“Maybe the moneymen behind them were demanding an even bigger disaster? Or maybe they actually read the impact reports on any Brexit, shat themselves and decided not having Brexit, and screaming betrayal as a cover, was the better way forward?

“At any rate, we’re going to solve it all now with Twister.”

The game will apparently be played this Wednesday and will use the four player rules of the classic 70’s game, used to kick off swingers parties.

“Bercow will be the referee of course. He’s going to spin the wheel and see where the needle lands and then direct us to contort ourselves for everyone’s entertainment. One team will be Brexit and one team will be Revoke. Whichever one is the last one standing gets to keep the country.”

And will the prime minister be taking part?

“No. She’s going to stay home and carry on planking.”

Chris Grayling addresses People’s Vote march after thinking it was pro Brexit

Liars, damned liars and Chris Grayling, as the saying goes. The man who has turned failure into an art form has pulled off his most audacious stunt yet.

LCD Views’ 80s Style Demo correspondent bumped into the man himself, at the People’s Vote march, almost as if it had been planned.

“I must say, this is a brilliant turnout for a Brexit march,” remarked Grayling, amid a sea of placards demanding that we revoke Article 50. “The news said Nige’s march only had a handful of people. Well, it shows you how biased the media are!”

We believe that Farage’s Big Pointless Waddle is actually stuck in the mud somewhere in Yorkshire at the minute.

“March means march!” exclaimed Grayling, displaying the confidence that has made him such an accomplished failure. “March is the month for marching. See what I did there? Anyway, I’m sure Nige will roll up any minute now, and lead us to glorious, err, something or other.”

We approached the stage, by some kind of miracle. The crowds parted, nobody wanting to touch the hem of Grayling’s robe. He was drawn, irresistibly, to the sight of a microphone, and somehow managed to stagger up in front of it. The crowd jeered in anticipation.

“Cheering, not jeering!” he chuckled, off-mic. “I feel the need to speak. What shall I say?”

We passed him a draft of the gibberish we had, sadly, prepared for the booze-up that evening.

“Friends, Romans, cun…. Hang on, that’s not right, is it?” he began.

We assured him that he was doing just fine.

“Yes, well, anyway, it is great to see you bunch of sarcastic tossers,” he continued. “This is a great triumph of disorganised chaos, dreamed up by a bunch of drunken idiots. Just like Brexit!”

Massive cheers. “It’s going really well, isn’t it?” he whispered as an aside.

“Today we have proved that alcohol and being incredibly funny go together like Chris Grayling and spaffing money up the wall!”

Gales of laughter. Grayling beamed, his reputation cemented forever.

“So thank you for bothering to get off your arses, and the first round is on me!”

Mayhem. Scenes. Delight.

The government is expecting to pick up a bar tab that is second only to David Davis’s.

Crash it means crash it: May puts Grayling in charge of petitions website

With the petition to cancel Brexit past 1 million signatures already, the prime minister (still at the time of writing) is clearly flustered, as she’s announced a new emergency measure.

She has given Chris “Failing” Grayling responsibility for the petitions website.

In a press statement, she said:
“It is absolutely unacceptable that the people express their will in this way, they must be prevented from doing so at all costs.”

By “in this way” she is of course referring to the democratic right of free speech.

The idea came to her after the immense number of signatures the petition was receiving actually crashed the government’s petitions website.

“If the website stays down,” Mrs May went on, “people will not be able to express their democratic free will in this way. And with Chris Grayling in charge, we will ensure that it goes down and stays down – crash it means crash it.”

Mr Grayling is looking forward to a job where things going wrong is the specific objective.

“I’ve been doing some research on how to cause a really spectacular crash,” he said. “And I am hoping to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Launchpad McQuack, whose motto was ‘if it’s got wings, I can crash it’ – well, my motto for this is, if it has webs, I can crash it.”

Rumours that Mr McQuack was may’s first choice to head the petitions website have been dismissed by may on the grounds that the legendary pilot to Scrooge McDuck is a fictional character, however many have expressed the view that such a detail would not stop her if she felt she could get away with it.

It is estimated that if Mr Grayling lives up to his usual standards, the website will be crashed for good, when the petition reaches between 35 and 40 million signatures.

Will-y of the people seeks treatment for electile dysfunction after Revoke Article 50 petition goes viral

LCD Views’ Democratic Health correspondent has received reassuring news this morning that the famed ‘Willy of the people’ is to seek treatment for electile dysfunction.

“Willy has been brought out and exposed to public scrutiny so many times over the last two plus years, the strain is starting to tell. Not to mention sheer age, given he’s from the older voting demographic by and large.”

Symptoms first started to become evident the moment he was first exposed to public scrutiny in 2016.

“You could see he was flaccid at times and uncertain if he was up to the job. The next day he would be stout as English oak and almost impossible to keep down.”

The public figures who have aligned themselves with Willy have issued stiff and multiple denials that anything is wrong with this most public organ. Although it’s worth noting they aren’t holding Willy as hard as they used to.

But they still claim to have a firm grip on his innermost desires; that he fills them with rigour and a upright sense of direction, even though he’s barely at half mast.

“Willy never changes in his mind or ours,” our correspondent advised, quoting from a sheet said to contain eyebrow raising government talking points, “once he has raised his flag he is off like a rocket and fast as a steam train through a tunnel no matter how the winds of fate blow, hard, or soft.”

But keen observers have noted that whatever the people claiming to know the mind of Willy may spout, he’s been up and down and turned around so many times since June 2016 that it would be a shock if he wasn’t suffering electile dysfunction.

“The treatment is actually pretty straightforward,” our correspondent advises, “Willy needs some straightforward facts, no beating around the bush, just plain old talk about the body politic and what it desires and he’ll be stiff as a flagpole again in no time. Some sort of willy joke should do it. I mean, people’s vote!”

A fresh election wouldn’t hurt him any either. Oh, and if people could stop signing that Revoke Article 50 petition by the thousands every minute or two…We fear there’s no coming back to form for the 2016 Willy of the people now.

Snake oil salesmen threatening strike if Brexit delayed criticised for making promises they won’t fulfil, again

“It’s just like a mob of zombies promising to take a break from stumbling about feeding on brains,” our Westminster correspondent (recently fired by the BBC for not reading from government press releases without comment) commented,

“it’s the only reason they’re still moving to begin with, most of them, searching for the source of that smell of autocracy, so they can feast on it. I wouldn’t believe them. They’re just raising false hopes, again.”

And raising false hopes they are.

The thought of nearly a hundred alleged dark money servants not meddling daily in the governance of the UK will be a prospect that lightens downcast faces across the land.

“Can you imagine an entire year without having anything said by Rees-mogg, David Davis, Andrea Jenkyns, Desmond Swayne and just the whole host of imbecilic, entitled, democracy smashing tools, an entire year of silence from them? It is actually making my skin tingle, in the right way for a change.”

But voters whose spirits are lifting at the prospect are warned to be wary.

“DO NOT count your chickens before they hatch on this one,” our correspondent advises, “this is the false promise collective. I’m pretty sure they’ve kept promises made to donors, lobbyists, probably to some representatives for various overseas actors? I don’t know. You tell me. But can you think of any promises they’ve kept to the great British public?”


(more tumbleweeds)

“Unless we’re talking about underfunding vital public services in order to fund tax cuts for billionaires of course. Those promises get kept.”

We here at LCD Views would love day after day without headlines involving the arch villainous actors of the current political life of the country, but we’re keep our shovel in our hands for the time being.


See? Can you hear that? Do you feel it. Right now, the hard Tory Brexiters are still shuffling and stumbling about the land.

Government responds to Speaker ruling out MV3 by skipping straight to MV4

The Government has responded rapidly to Speaker John Bercow ruling out filming a third sequel to Downing Street’s rubbish Indy film ‘MV : May’s Brexit Deal’ and ‘MV2 : May’s Brexit Deal – Defeat Me Hard Again’ by skipping straight to producing a fourth show in the franchise.

”MV4 is a real fourth flick in the series. MV3 had to have happened or old rules are rules, zzzz, Bercow couldn’t have sent it straight to DVD,” a Downing Street aide told Radio 4’s baffled review programme, PM.

Why PM was sounding baffled by Bercow’s decision, when millions of ordinary buffs weren’t, isn’t a mystery, they’re always baffled because they pay as much attention to the details of producing events these days as a run of the mill member of the ERG.

”MV4 will most likely be called ‘Return of the farce’, although as the farce hasn’t actually left at any stage that’s a little contentious and we’ll be seeking the DUP’s scriptwriting input on it. They charge for dialogue, but they’re worth it.”

Whatever they decide to call the fourth movie in the MV franchise they’d better get a move on if they want to reach around the maximum audience.

”We so need to get a wriggle on,” the aide agreed, “with our own porn block coming in on April 1st, we want people to watch this without ripping off someone’s identity in order to do so.”

But why would anyone need to do that?

”Because the entire MV franchise is about a country getting soundly buggered.”