When viewed from space U.K. now entirely covered by carpet

LCD Views can exclusively report this morning of an alarming new series of photographs of the United Kingdom, captured from space, released by scientists aboard the International Space Station.

“We were so taken aback we had to drop anchor,” Captain Penny Rocket said, calling on a secure landline from orbit, “we stayed over the United Kingdom for a full twenty four hours to observe the phenomenon. We were hoping it was a visual trick of the light spectrum, or perhaps a new type of cloud previously unrecorded. But that wasn’t so.”

What did you decide it was?

“Is. It’s still there and shows no sign of shifting.”

But what is it?

”Exhaustive analysis of our polaroids , taken in black and white and colour, reveal a giant carpet. It’s almost as if the entire country has been swept under it in order to conceal a massive network of interconnected political criminality.”

So basically you not telling us anything we don’t already know?

”You know Vote Leave broke the law? And that if the referendum wasn’t advisory it would have been squashed by the courts? And that the prime minister is aware of the criminality?”

Yes. Everyone does, just few in a position to do anything about it at the mother of parliaments seem to care.

”You know that prominent members of parliament are implicated by association?”

Yes. Just even the leadership of official opposition doesn’t seem overly concerned about it, even though it’s the sort of scandal you’d expect them to weaponise to bring down the government.

”That’s probably because the law breaking serves their political objectives? As with the party of government.”

Yes. So do you have anything to tell us that we don’t know?

”There’s a giant cigarette burn smouldering away in the centre of the carpet. It seems to be being caused by Channel 4, some Observer journalists and a few MPs. But it doesn’t involve the BBC.”

That’s mildly encouraging.

”Oh and in space no one can hear you scream.”

We know that one too, thanks to a series of documentaries on alien life.

”Then be grateful, because we’re about to take the same photographs of the UK’s special friends the United States of America.”

‪Theresa May to request another Article 50 extension now to save time in late October‬

BREAKING : LCD Views has received a leaked communication from the Downing Street bunker that says Theresa May is to request another Article 50 extension now to save time in late October.

”I’m not surprised,” our Article 50 extension specialist reveals, “I’m surprised she’s waited this long, it’s nearly 48 hours since she requested the last one.”

That’s pushing her luck a little? Surely? Apparently Macron is well fed up with her already?

”Oh, don’t worry about him. That’s just his good cop bad cop routine with Merkel.”

But surely her party won’t stand for this? And as for Labour? We’ll they’ll just be confused. You can’t move too fast with Brexit or their conscious uncoupling with their voters may get out of control.

”Most of the idiots in May’s party are busy sharpening sticks and foaming at the mouth over the October 31st extension already. If she lets them get used to the idea they’re liable to settle into a cold rage and actually come after her. This will distract them nicely. Most will spend the next twenty four hours biting their own neck now.”

But what are the chances of the EU agreeing now?

”I think they don’t care, if I’m honest, it’s just how we live now. They’ll rubber stamp the extension. They won’t even bother having a meeting this time. They’ll do it over WhatsApp.”

But what date will they give this time?

”I would put my money on a short additional extension to November 5th. That’s a symbolic date and one everyone can remember.”

Theresa May masks to be best sellers for this year’s Halloween

British mask makers are expressing their relief this morning at the news that No Deal Brexit is now scheduled to happen on October 31st 2019, and not Friday April 12th, as previously agreed in international talks between the UK and EU.

“I’m trying to keep a straight face,” one mask manufacturer told LCD Views, “this is why I’m wearing this Boris Johnson mask with voluntary mad wig, but I’m very pleased.”

The fate of mask designers and makers has been a key focus of the Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU, with many expecting them to only be allowed to produce Guy Fawkes masks forevermore.

“What sort of nonsense date was April 12th anyway? A nothing day. You try searching it online. April 14th, that’s a winner. Titanic and all that. Anyway, at least now we can get to finding terrifying images of May on Google and really get into production.”

The choosing of October 31st, or Halloween as it’s also known, shows the keen sense of humour the EU have developed during the process of experiencing a member state in a full blown psychological breakdown.

“It’s either laugh or cry, I suppose,” our mask maker shrugged, “hang on, just let me switch to this Jason mask. The EU27 should really be thanking us. It’s clear we’ve taught them all to have a sense of humour over the last few years. One of the tangible benefits of Brexit. And now they’re just winking and trolling us. I reckon if we have to ask for another extension in late October then they’ll offer us only November 5th.”

The May mask production will be in full flow shortly and mask makers expect them to be a burning success.

“Who else would you wear this Halloween? It’s really a way of saying thanks to the prime minister who’s done so much to help Britons to smile again.”

First images of Theresa May arriving in Brussels to request another Article 50 extension released

First images of Theresa May arriving in Brussels to request another Article 50 extension have been released by the Event Horizon team.

”We were a little shocked that the supermassive black hole was so local, to Earth,” lead scientist Professor General Relativity said, “and that it’s not fixed, but moves constantly back and forth between Westminster and Brussels in a fortnightly sequence. This is essentially proof of string theory though, the string the hole is travelling along being Brexit, which is attached to numerous fingers, attached to offshore, tax dodging billionaires.”

What’s exactly on the inside of the Black Hole isn’t clear, as in over the event horizon.

”We suspect it’s Global Britain, the credibility of the office of prime minister, Boris Johnson’s boxer shorts and Lexit, for good measure, but of course we can’t send anyone in to find out, as they’ll be unable to come back out. They’ll be crushed the moment they cross.”

To jazz it up the team have settled on a name for the event horizon.

”We’ve called it No Deal Brexit, or WE’LL BE PERFECTLY FINE TRADING ON WTO RULES!!! But No Deal Brexit is shorter, so let’s stick to that.”

But critics have been quick to accuse the team of releasing fake news.

”We all know the Black Hole is either Boris Johnson as PM or Nigel Farage laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t know why they wasted all the time and effort to take the photo, when just look at Monday’s Telegraph column tells you everything you needed to know about it.”

Whoever is correct probably doesn’t matter, because if the U.K. doesn’t find a reverse gear to move back from the event horizon than everyone will find out, all at once, as we tip over.


The Macrons to sing ABBA smash “Waterloo” to welcome Theresa May to Paris this afternoon

BREAKING : Rumours are coming through of a ferocious row breaking out between the executive diplomatic staff of Downing Street and the amateurs at the Élysée Palace, ahead of a planned visit to the Palace from a temporary British prime minister.

We asked our Paris correspondent to tell us what is behind the sudden furore.

“The latest source of contention appears to be focused on the Macrons’ intention to welcome Theresa May to Paris by singing the famous ABBA smash hit ‘Waterloo’, a link to the song is included below,” our correspondent reports.


So what’s the problem? It’s a cracking tune and well loved in Blighty, being as it is a strong reference to British imperial might. It also shows a touching deference on the part of the French.

“It seems the Macrons have modified certain of the lyrics to personalise them for the woman who believes she’s still British prime minister, even though overnight reports say it is now Yvette Cooper, and that isn’t going down at all well.”

But Macron has a reputation for being suave diplomatically, how has he gotten this wrong? Clearly the French are all thumbs compared to the current British regime, but still?

“It’s not clear he has made a mistake, unless it’s to be too honest. The problem surprisingly appears to focus on Ms May’s unflinching position over how the Macrons have modified the following line:

‘And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way’,


‘And YOU have met YOUR destiny in quite a similar way’,

This will not do at all. This is because it is Ms May’s destiny and she is determined that the possessive, first person pronoun be used. Because it is hers. And she wants it.”

Well that seems reasonable, the surrender after all, does belong to Ms May.

“Quite. Ms May is also adamant that the following line,

‘The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself’,

This is too personal an insult and she is insistent it is removed from the song completely or she will not listen to the performance at all. Additionally changing all instances of ‘Waterloo’ to ‘EU’ is just rubbing salt into the wound. Ms May has drawn several new red lines.”

So is there any hope of a breakthrough before Ms May arrives at the Palace this afternoon?

“Of course. Ms May will just rub out her red lines as if they never existed, as she is prone to do, and give the Macrons a standing ovation with the classic line ‘Waterloo means Waterloo and Waterloo means EU’.”

May takes Brexit Delay Bill to Germany for royal assent

LCD Views can report this morning that provincial administrator of a cold prefecture off the coast of continental Europe, Theresa May, is to take the Brexit Delay Bill to ruler of Europe, Angela Merkel (in Germany) this morning for royal assent.

This should not come as a great surprise. Anyone who has used the Daily Fail, or the Torygraph, to educate themselves over how the EU works, will know that only Germany has a veto.

“She’ll be careful to remind Merkel of the important historical lesson to be found in TWO WORLD WARS AND ONE WORLD CUP!,” our local government correspondent says, “the dog wags the tail and the dog is a British bulldog!!,,11??!,,,!”

Which should ensure the conversation gets off on the right foot.

While it is likely that Angela Merkel will grant her assent to the bill, now that it has passed through both meeting rooms in England and gained the symbolic tick of approval from local tourist attraction, Queen Elizabeth II, there is still a risk of it being returned without assent.

“Merkel may add amendments to the bill before giving her approval,” our correspondent suggests, “such as removing the ability of the provincial power using the new law to mess around the workings of the more powerful governments on the continent,

“Hopefully so long as May remembers to shout at Merkel ‘YOU NEED US MORE THAN WE NEED YOU!!!’, then only verbal assurances will be required. May’s word, a byword for good faith, should be enough.”

Merkel will be under further pressure to provide her assent to the delay bill swiftly, as after May’s visit, she has a fully booked schedule for the rest of the week of German automakers demanding she consents to whatever England wants.

“After Merkel has given her assent May will go and see Emperor Macron,” our correspondent says, “which should go well, even though the local press in May’s province has blasted Liam Fox’s misogynistic comments about Macron’s wife all over the front pages for the last few days, this won’t be a problem, as no one across the channel reads English,

“It’s a funny little thing Brexit. All the lies about sovereignty used by the Leavers to argue that our province should break off from the empire are now becoming truths, albeit temporary, because of the lies themselves. Global Britain Empire 2.0. Here we go. Here we go.”

UK to launch Poundvision Song Contest and charge other countries £350m to enter

The UK’s love-hate relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest has been of very long standing indeed. It’s now a decade since we last put in a respectable performance, and over two decades since we last won. So the UK is setting up its own answer, the Poundvision Song Contest.

The contest will be held permanently in the UK, and open to acts of all ages and abilities (or lack of same). Graham Norton has already signed on to present.

“It’s basically just the same thing as before,” he said at a press conference. “Just this time I’ll have to make regional stereotypes instead of national ones. You know, Essex chavs, Norfolk inbred, that sort of thing.”

We know exactly what sort of thing.
There will be one representative judge from each county, dishing out points in the same manner as Eurovision, with the usual proviso that they can’t vote for their own.

But to anyone thinking this is just xenophobia at work, foreign entries will be permitted.

Each foreign country will be permitted to submit one entrant, and the entry fee for foreigners is £350 million.

“Cheap at the price,” Nigel Farage said. Not that anyone had actually asked him for his opinion, he just felt the urge to give it. “Those damn foreigners coming over here, they should let us show them how it’s done. What great singers have ever come from Europe, eh?”

This was followed by a small earthquake, which was traced to the grave of Luciano Pavarotti, allegedly caused by the deceased tenor turning violently in it. Similar earthquakes were reported emanating from the graves of Mario Lanza, Montserrat Caballe and countless other European singing stars.

As for the reactions of the living, French singer Jean Sondamour had this to say:

“They expect us to pay a ridiculous sum to turn up to perform against a panel of biased British judges who wouldn’t give us a point if their lives depended on it? They are off their collective rocker. No country is going to pay that.”

Theresa May is reportedly demanding it as part of the Brexit negotiations. Donald Tusk has apparently described it as the biggest laugh he’s had all year.
The first Poundvision Song Contest has already been scheduled for June 23rd with an all-British lineup.

EU offers October 25th as Brexit date after government’s latest WA charge fails

British prime minister Field (of wheat) Marshall Theresa May is expected to join a conference call later this morning with Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Rupert Murdoch to discuss the EU’s latest offer of October 25th as the new Brexit date.

While accepting the new date would mean participating in the EP elections, it’s felt the U.K. can get around this unpalatable democratic experience by adopting leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn’s overall Brexit strategy of being present, but not involved, and then claiming to have forgotten the experience altogether later. Plausible deniability is of course expected to reap a whirlwind for Labour at any future election.

”The Russians will presumably be especially tickled over the October date,” our political strategist Field (of scorn) Marshall Titan Searchlight muses, “being the anniversary of the charge of the light brigade. Trump will of course say da to whatever his payday loan master agrees to and Murdoch will love an additional six months of printing traitors and betrayal in big font size to contribute to the mature public discussion in the U.K. over Brexit.”

The date suggests the EU will establish a new theme of picking anniversaries of British disasters for any further Brexit extensions.

”Sneaking through two weeks was very clever,” an anonymous cabinet minister acknowledged, “we were too busy working out what mix of blackmail and bribery to offer MPs to back May’s last charge of the Withdrawal Agreement. Now we’ve got a fortnight of biting our necks before retreating again.”

What Field (of wheat) Marshall May will think of the extension offer is not known as no one has bothered to find out.

Chernobyl and Fukushima front runners for location of melting down House of Commons during Westminster refurb

The House of Commons, that mother of parliaments, is to become a truly global British institution later this summer as it moves in its entirety, so internal works can be carried out on the Palace of Westminster.

“The whole show is in meltdown anyway,” UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Anton Chekov told LCD Views, “it’s thought it’s best to move it to a location that actually has containment systems in place. For that reason Chernobyl and Fukushima are front runners. My preference is unsurprisingly Chernobyl, as it’ll be a shorter distance for MPs to travel to take ‘donations’ from figures closely associated with the Russian government.”

The reasons for the move are obvious, but not necessarily those already given in the press.

“It’s not because it’ll be faster and cheaper to refurbish the old palace with the MPs safely out of the way,” Mr Chekov says, “it’s because the commons is now so toxic it’s thought best to get it out of the UK itself before the contamination  spreads to the surrounding countryside, and the winds carrying it all over.”

But critics of the move say it’s too late anyway, as treating a split result in an opinion poll a few years back now as a mandate from God to shaft the entire country senseless will take more than a symbolic geographical shift to sort out.

“I’ve some sympathy with that view,” Mr Chekov said, “as healing the country will take serious political leadership from the two main political parties in England. And there’s sod all sign of that coming currently. The Tories are going into further meltdown and Labour are currently denying there’s any fallout at all from attempting to be all things to all people for cynical party political reasons, when what is needed is for actual alternative leadership offering a way out of the crisis. This they are not providing. Which is a shame. Very much a missed opportunity that the future will shortly damn them for.”

A final choice of location will shortly be made by the authorities.

“Chernobyl is best,” Mr Chekov nodded, “the EU helped organise a long life containment shelter, along with the Ukrainian government, to stop the reactor spreading toxicity about the continent. Having to sit inside it will make the Brexit MPs go red in the face faster than the leaking radioactivity.”


Blonde joke declares desire to lead UK into wilderness for 40 years with front page Freudian slip

British politics biggest, bumbliest blonde joke, Boris Johnson, has declared his desire to lead the United Kingdom into wilderness for forty years today with a front page Freudian slip.

“I’m not even sure how this is legal?” our democratic health watcher asked, upon seeing the Times front splash, “you have an influential MP in the country’s parliament writing propaganda pieces for off shore, hard right media moguls and being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, on top of his MP salary, to do it?”

Good question to ask. Maybe it should be illegal?

“And you have a prime minister whose husband works for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, based in the USA? Her every public utterance, and policy decision, can have a massive impact on the exchange rates and other areas of the financial markets, and he has potentially (just asking the question, not alleging) advance knowledge of these and so can adjust his positions prior to it? Isn’t that some serious kind of inside knowledge, giving him (and her, as they’re married) a potentially unfair advantage?”

If it’s not viewed as corruption, maybe it should be?

But the bigger question of the day is of course how Boris Johnson, classically educated, can be so lacking in biblical knowledge.

“I guess he is only ever making word salads so the chain of meaning is secondary,” our watcher mused, “but to relate Brexit to Exodus and to suggest the UK should spend the next forty years wandering about the desert, suffering horribly and slowly dying off? Well, that’s alarmingly honest for Boris Johnson, as regards his intention.”

Of course the key difference is Moses was leading his people out of slavery, where as Boris wants to lead us into it, in service of the Pharaoh across the pond.