“My Little Brexit” impact assessments coming soon

Alarming news this afternoon that the government’s announcement it will be soon be releasing the Brexit impact reports has been met by the threat of legal action by the publisher of the ‘My Little Pony’ children’s books.

“We just wanted to present them on a level that steadfast supporters of Brexit, within and without government, could understand easily,” Ms Total Ly, junior minister at DExEU, advised LCD Views.

“It never occurred to us that a matter of national importance would require us to actually work from scratch and figure out a new narrative when there are so many classic British stories to borrow from.”

It’s believed the mistake may also be a result of the time pressure the department is under to produce the reports alongside unpatriotic collaborators working with reality to undermine Brexit.

“We really could have done with a longer extension on our assignment,” Ms Ly advised, “well, not me, but the senior ministers involved. Apparently they’ve only been campaigning for Brexit for forty something years. Hardly enough time to have worked up any idea of how to actually implement it.”

It’s believed the pony book publisher is most incensed over the borrowing of their very original works because there is,

“Absolutely no way we would ever subject Applejack to the excessive fantasy and guaranteed bad end with few lessons learned that Davis and Fox and rest will meet,” a spokesman claiming to speak for the publisher advised.

“I mean we deal in make believe here, but Brexit? That’s a crazed delusion I fear our young readers will never escape from if they’re sucked into that realm.”

It’s believed DExEU will offer to settle out of court, should proceedings commence, as will presumably many of the main character actors involved in Brexit itself.

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