Brexiters demand parliament gives back control as experiment shows parliamentary sovereignty is bad

LCD Views has been ringing around all of our contacts amongst MPs to gauge the mood following the shock defeat of the executive on amendment 7 and we have found an overwhelming call for parliament to give back control.

“Why the hell can’t they put a little faith in Theresa May and David Davis and let them take the UK onto the wide open seas of global trade?” one furious Brexit supporting MP demanded to know.

“We’ve fallen well behind the world on trade while being in the EU. Have you seen the most recent statistics? We need to start trading internationally and with Scotland. We’re going to get left behind in the rush to divide up Africa into territories for extracting wealth.”

Across social media platforms too one, and maybe even two, Kremlin funded grassroots Brexit groups have called for parliament to “GIVE BACK CONTROL!!.?!?,”

This is an outrage against the settled will of the British people, they clamour, who have all united behind Brexit now, because who needs an economy when you have a country with twats who are prepared to vote for the vision of Nigel Farage, right when he needs the cheering up, when his latest American mate accused of sexual crimes has just buggered himself with his past misdeeds and lost a key vote?

“Parliament needs to give back control to the executive. We’re so close to overturning the end of absolutist rule in this country, we can’t turn back the turning back of the revolution in 1688 that set us on a course to true, representative democracy now!”

Other MPs, principled souls who have been standing firm against a barrage of unjustified and disingenuous tabloid shite since June last year are said to be hopeful the glimmer of a spine in the House of Commons is a sign that the centuries old institution maybe finally awakening to the threat to inclusive democracy that Maybot and the other useful idiots in government pose.

Give back control.

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