New Star Trek spin off “Galactic Isolation” features ship USS Brexit which only moves on impulse power

LCD Views’ only Entertainment correspondent is apoplectic with joy at the news of the new Star Trek spin off “Galactic Isolation” which features the starship Brexit, which only moves on impulse power.

“Brexit is modelled on the tall ships of the famous age of British imperialism,” our correspondent enthuses, “it’s a nice doff of the cap to an era when you could just take whatever you could by force that many worry may have passed us by.”

The first episode features the crew of Brexit attempting to just get the ship out of a lake and into space.

“The crew uniforms are designed by Hugo Boss and the captain of Brexit is clearly a nod to a current wannabe leader of Britain’s largest far right party. What with the three piece suit and penchant for ordering the lower orders of the ship to line up at a food bank for their meals.”

It’s thought the second episode will feature the Brexit lift into the upper atmosphere of the world Brexit and attempt to hold it together while pushing for orbit.

“The chief engineer is pretty funny. As the ship only runs on the combined impulse power of about half the crew he has a lot of trouble keeping the power supply constant. Most of them are worried the moment they contact alien life they’ll be instantly colonised and their children will start dressing funny.”

The USS Brexit is scheduled to hit our small screens in 2019, but rumoured problems on the set could see the release date pushed back by two years or more.

“I can’t wait to see what the crew get up to. I hear in episode three half the crew are locked up for “wrong thought”. But if all goes to plan by episode seven the fearless captain has donned a monocle and is only allowing trade with planets with appalling human rights records.

Which is thought to be a nod to how the real life MP the captain is modelled on allegedly makes millions every year.”

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