TV debate between May and Corbyn to be filmed in circus tent

The proposed Brexit TV debate between primed moral miniature Theresa May and professional placard holder Jeremy Corbyn is to be filmed in a circus tent, it was announced today and only to LCD Views.

”Although it’s still doubtful it will actually happen,” TV producer, Mr Apple Corer (In-Temple TV Productions), told us, “as Jeremy is insisting it should be filmed in an all red circus tent and May’s people are demanding it is held in a used sleeping bag up cycled to a tent to show how concerned she is with the plight of all the homeless people she’s intentionally creating with the most bastard cruel set of policies since transportation.”

Other details to be nailed down include how many burning trees to include on the stage, to symbolise Brexit’s impact on the Conservative Party and its logo, and whether or not John McDonnell will be allowed to streak across the stage flinging copies of Mao’s Little Red Book at the enemies he imagines he’s fighting in his perfect cultural revolution.

But what about criticisms that the debate will be pointless as it will just be between two Brexiters?

”That’s not fair,” Mr Apple Corer replied, “Jeremy promises he won’t mention Brexit once during the Brexit debate.”

And what about Ms May?

“She’s been upgraded to a tape recorder for the debate and will her only line will be “This is a great deal for Britain”. It will be voiced by the actor who did Davros to give her extra gravitas and play on a loop, regardless of what her partner in Brexit says.”

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