The Maytrix – fly on wall documentary reveals the machine generated dystopia inside 10 Downing Street

LCD Views is proud to announce we have partnered with ‘SNAFU’ television to bring to you “The Maytrix”, a new forty part, fly on the wall documentary about life inside 10 Downing Street.

The series will be live streamed each day, with a short delay to allow for minimal editing (to insert additional offensive language), as world famous AI controlled prime minister, ‘The Maybot’, goes about her sinister daily task of generating an ever expanding dystopia.

“It’s hoped the series will give voters an insight into why their lives are going down the toilet in an ever tightening spiral,” producer Ken Doll says,

“there was some concern when SNAFU approached us for the tie-up that all we would see was a series of blue screens of death, broken only by spinning wheels as the Maybot malfunctioned, but we’ve been reassured there will also be intense policy generating sessions. These will give people tuning in real insight into how a dispassionate machine decides their fate with no recourse to basic human emotions.”

These policy sessions are believed to alternative between reality, which never lasts long, and hour long blue sky thinking sessions wherein the Maybot spins in a circle attempting to use her limited code base to configure a different way to ask Brussels to shaft the Irish.

“Viewers will also see a rotating cast of Tory VIP’s come and go from the Maybot’s narrow field of vision. It’s a great chance to see how some of the more outstanding characters function when they forget they’re being observed, as they go about the business of programming the UK into a solely graft based political system.”

But there will be light hearted moments and pathos too.

“We’re told the Maybot needs to be turned off and on again as part of her daily routine. Watching her reboot is quite something. As the red light grows in her eyes. It’s actually incredibly sci-fi, her system crackling into life with little flashes of electricity before it starts screaming about finding Sarah Connor, then settles down to demanding more ways to make life hard for forriners.”

In the background in every room there’s a giant clock, ticking down the seconds to Brexit day.

But why only forty episodes?

“Because come what may, that’s the maximum number of days the Maybot has left to function before she self-destructs. It’s all in the code.”

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