Violent language has no connection with violent behaviour, claims the Daily Express

Violent language is nothing new among the UK’s gutter press. But the stunning denial of responsibility for its consequences marks a new low for the propaganda sheets.

The Daily Express is prominent among these. The vile bile it spews out on a regular basis is, if possible, even worse than that regurgitated by the Daily Mail.

LCD Views spoke to the Daily Express’ chief shit-stirrer, Pat Triotic. “Sure, we call all those foreign bastards filthy scum,” remarked Triotic. “Sure, we imply that the only good foreigner is a dead foreigner. Yes, we talk about riots and uprisings. But that isn’t the same thing as actually doing it.”

It’s hate speech. It arouses dark and aggressive emotions in your readership.

“Good! Hate sells papers,” countered Triotic. “That’s what it’s all about. Our responsibility ends the moment we publish. Nobody forces you to read it!”

So there is no link between stoking Islamophobia on an almost daily basis and a violent unhinged terrorist slaughtering Muslims at prayer?

“It was the other side of the world,” said Triotic. “It has nothing to do with us, don’t sell papers in New Zealand.”

Your online edition is available worldwide. Besides, this is not just a British phenomenon.

“This is why we must close our borders immediately and throw out all the foreigners,” said Triotic. “No Muslims, no problem. And then we can get back to the everyday job of moaning about property prices.”

There is a strong argument in favour of a binding code of practice to ensure the integrity of our press.

“You are sounding like one of those treacherous liberal elite types,” observed Triotic. “Like that Leveson bloke. Stopping our free speech. Well here’s some free speech for you. Sod off back to liberal elite land, and take your whinging lefty pals with you. We want our country back!”

Free speech for the few, not the many.

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