Organised Crime a greater threat than terrorism, National Crime Agency says

WHAT HAVE WE ‘ERE: Organised crime is a greater threat than terrorism, the National Crime Agency has warned today.

”While there are many classic criminal gangs operating in the United Kingdom currently, perhaps the most powerful is situated in plain sight in central London. They even have an office with a big number on it.”

The main operation of the syndicate appears to be slashing police numbers so seriously that there are no actual coppers left to police the country.

”Burying investigations into suspected criminality of any nature, especially white collar crime, is another speciality. Also electoral crime. It’s rife under their rule.”

Financial matters seem to be of particular focus for the outfit.

”They’re experts at moving taxpayer money offshore into secretive accounts, via a complex web of apparent fronts like outsourced public services.”

They also deal in extortion and threats.

”The poor are their speciality. The most vulnerable live in fear. The callous disregard for humanity is a trademark of a firm like this. They operate gangs that appear respectable, but essentially act like psychological extortion rackets, praying on people’s fears and invading their privacy with threats of worse if their orders aren’t adhered to.”

And while no one is seeking to downplay the risk and impact of terrorism (genuinely), the NCA is worried that there are simply not enough resources to cope with the actions of the syndicate and their offshoots, the Little Englanders. Millions of people are believed to have been driven into poverty by what some call legalised, domestic terrorism.

”Criminal cash from overseas is also stored all through London at the encouragement of the mob.”

Gun running to middle eastern trouble spots is another area of particular profit, regardless of the human cost.

When asked what they intended to do about it, a Downing Street spokesman looked menacing and simply asked,

”Did Big T send you?” before crackling his knuckles and turning away.

It’s clear that without intervention the problem can only go from bad to worse as their reign of terror shows no sign of abating on its own.

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