All Brexit Party handouts to be issued with nut allergy warnings

We’re used to seeing allergy warnings on food labels these days, and if it saves lives that’s all to the good. But now we’re going to be seeing them in a different place, albeit for much the same reason.

Political pamphlets and other handouts are now going to come under the same scrutiny, and anything that contains nuts will be required by law to include allergy warnings. This includes anything you receive from the Brexit Party and other extreme right-wing parties full of nuts, like UKIP and the Conservatives.

Food safety standards officer Al Erginotiss had this to say:

“Any materials for public consumption need to be inspected by us for any harmful content, in case of allergies. If you have a nut allergy and know in advance that something contains nuts, you know to keep clear of it and could save your life by doing so,

“And extreme right-wing politics operate on the same principle, and they are full of nuts at the moment, their contents are frequently indigestible to even the toughest stomachs. The public need to be informed going in that there are elements here that could be hazardous to their health.”

Nigel Farage barged into our office to say it was outrageous. Nobody asked him to, he just barged in regardless. He couldn’t even tell us why it was outrageous, insisting we wait until after the European elections to find out. We thanked him for his input and politely told him to go back to where he came from. He didn’t appreciate the irony, and it was only when we called security that he left, shouting obscenities at us. Apparently we were the fourth office to eject him in a single afternoon, and not the last either.

The ban comes into effect on May 16th. Any political materials pertaining to the Brexit party or other extreme right-wing groups will be legally required to include these notices. If you see any that don’t conform to this, you can report them to the relevant health watchdogs.

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