Trump releases photo to prove claim he’s seen piles of dead bald eagles

BLAME GAME : Living fossil Donald Trump, apparently still the President of the United States (at the time of writing), has been fuelling claims that wind turbines are killing that famous symbol of the USA, the Bald Eagle.

The claim was made while addressing workers in the fossil fuel sector, worried about their jobs in the face of a growing renewable sector.

A responsible leader would have faced the facts with his audience, and offered to help by providing retraining and other avenues to give the workers who fear being ground up by creative destruction new opportunities in a changing industry.

“Donald Trump is anything but a responsible leader,” a bald eagle commented, “so you can scrub that. He’ll go for provoking outrage because that’s his fuel, the old fossil. And that’s what I presume old fuel is paying him to do?”

The Eagle, already famous for featuring in a hilarious video where it makes its feelings about Trump known to Trump, had more to say.

”There is of course a pile of dead bald eagles,” it confirms, “but they’re underneath a serious leak of natural gas that will do more to harm my kind, and other birds, than any wind turbine.”

The Eagle then presented photographic evidence.

”See? Right here on the gleam outside the Oval Office? Masses of dead bald eagles that have fallen off the seals of office and state of the USA.”

The Eagle went on to say if Trump stays in office much longer it feared that symbolic Eagle may well go extinct, along with the industry Trump is attempting to parasite off for his grievance politics.

Now, back to the bald eagle having a go at Trump and smile.

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