Government tells Trump NHS not on the table but in a bag outside the backdoor

HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER : The Government has hit back today after global village idiot, President DonaldTrump, said the NHS was on the table in any post-Brexit US-U.K. FTA, otherwise known as USUKA (pronounced you-suck-a).

”Bloody Americans,” Matt Hand-on-rooster, Health Minister, told LCD Views, “they always talk these Americans. I just got to tell ya and I just wanna say. And so loud! It’s frightfully hard to keep a secret. They let every cat out of every bag.”

The cat this time is the NHS and the proposed post-Brexit plan to move from bite size, stealth privatisation to a wholesale smash and grab firesale model.

”I don’t know what Trump is playing at,” the minister added, “just blowing hard? Right wing think tanks don’t give me money to blow off a lot of hot air about flogging off the NHS. Maybe they should? It’s all allegedly American money anyway?”

While we’re just making up the health minister’s statements, Trump’s big blow over the NHS is surprising.

US moneymen are reported to have understood to have identified private home ownership of the over 55’s as the highest store of private wealth in the U.K.

If you can privatise the NHS under the American health care model, that’ll really get the fox into the hen house.

”On the table?” the minister added, “that’s just plain wrong. The NHS is in a brown paper bag outside the back door of 10 Downing Street. Come at midnight and get it, most people will be asleep. That’s the deal. Buggered if I know where the old orange fart got table from?”

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