Hunt gives best reason yet to cancel Brexit

HIGH HOPES : Tory MP Jeremy Hunt has come under fire today for comments he made while launching his bid to be the UK’s next Conservative Party prime minister.

Speaking before a handpicked audience of lobotomy experiments in the media, and a few who haven’t had half their brain removed, but snuck in somehow, Mr Hunt held forth about his plans to not commit anymore financial crimes, once he becomes PM.

“I certainly won’t forget any luxury flats I own,” he promised, his beady eyes staring straight into the camera, “or where my wife comes from. Or that Slovenia and Yugoslavia are different places. Or to forget to call the EU a tyrannical, Soviet style state, while putting myself about as a skilled negotiator.”

All very reassuring for a man who may well be running the country by the end of the summer.

Running the country.

“Look into my eyes,” Mr Hunt added, “Don’t look anywhere but my eyes.”

Running the country.

“You are feeling sleepy now. I am going to count backwards from ten. Ten…nine…eight…”

Running the country.

Over a cliff.

He also took time to air his dirty views on Brexit, and focused particularly on the danger it poses to his party.

And this is where things went wrong, as Mr Hunt declared that a failure to deliver Brexit before a general election would see his party annihilated. This may actually be true, but of course, delivering Brexit will also achieve the same.

He also added, “…one simple truth, without Brexit, there will be no Conservative government and maybe no Conservative Party.”

And that’s where he put a foot wrong and just got everyone’s hopes up unnecessarily. Stop Brexit and destroy the Tory Party? Has anyone got the phone number of the Labour Party?

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