Queen Arlene will see you now – what happens first after Tories choose a new leader

MAGIC MONEY : The CONservative leadership process is due to last till late July, but even now the contenders for the job of replacing Theresa May are having to consider their first job as party leader.

“Euros or Sterling?” our political analyst muses, “It’s tricky. You’d assume the new Tory leader would expect to pay the DUP in pounds to form a government, but with the decline in Sterling, maybe Euros would be smarter?”

But don’t they have to go and see the Queen to request permission to form a government? Ms Foster isn’t the monarch, at least, not officially.

“But before they go to see the Queen they have to have the numbers to form a working majority. They have to be able to assure the Queen they can govern in her name. Not that the Queen probably wants any of these prats to do that! Whoever succeeds in the survival of the thickest to takeover from May will have to talk to the DUP first, or they won’t have the numbers to even pretend to govern.”

Even with the DUP’s help they’ll only have a majority of about five?

“Maybe not even that, if some of the Tory MPs who have said they’ll quit if Boris becomes PM make good on the threat.”

So it’s pointless to talk to Foster, if the Tory MPs in question stick to their convictions.

“Excuse me? What was that last bit?”

Oh! Silly me. Okay. So Foster first and then Her Maj.

But couldn’t they attempt to govern as a minority? How likely do you think that is?

“Snowflake’s chance in hell?”


“So this all looks pretty ridiculous. A big waste of time. We’ll have to have a GE. The new Tory leader may not be able to win the confidence of the house, so there will have to be a general election. They may not be able to negotiate with the DUP even. Foster may decide it’s time to cut the Tories loose before the remain backlash in Northern Ireland becomes insurmountable.”

What a state democracy in the UK is in!

“Total state of denial,” our analyst says, “and I’m not talking about a river in Africa! We all thought May was on a suicide mission, but she was just fuelling up the plane.”

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