Who benefits? DWP suspected over leak of U.K. ambassador’s emails about Trump

ALT COMPETENCY : The giant, career ending scandal of the enormous fraud perpetrated on the Universal Credit system has sunk without trace. Just bubbles on the surface of the sea. Thanks to Donald Trump and his affirmation of the U.K. ambassador’s assessment of him, via is multi-day Twitter tantrum.

”It’s a God send,” an imaginary source inside the DWP told LCD, “imagine if the media had the capacity to focus on more than one story at a time? We’d really be for it.”

And for it someone should be. Millions ripped out of the welfare system over months in the most blatant fashion. Brexit Britain at its finest incompetency. Grayling governance par excellence.

”Can you imagine the flames that would once have engulfed the government? Not just the ministry, but the executive too over a story of such eye wateringly poor governance? Don’t worry about looking for a lifeboat, they’re on fire too! Just jump straight into the sea!”

But no. We nerds must be absorbed by Trump.

And we must. If the ruler of our most powerful ally is upset with us, like a scared child stood before an enraged and unpredictable father, we have to focus on what he’ll do next and forget all else that’s going wrong.

”It’ll be great when it’s the Boris Trump double act,” the source continued, “day after day after day, just one giant distraction as the sink hole expands unmatched and we slide into the sea. Think of all the beautiful frauds that people will get away with? And barely a whisper in the news.”

Brexit Britain. Modern Conservative government. SNAFU. This is what we’ve allowed this country to be.

But maybe it’s not a massive story all week, as it should be, because we’ve come to expect gross incompetency in our government? It’s now the norm. SNAFU.

Perhaps it’s time we did that favourite thing of Brexiters. Imagined turning back the clock. But the land we imagine, let’s not make it one where universal incompetency is the currency of governance.


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