British man to become living embodiment of “be careful what you wish for”

RUNE CAST : A British man is all set to become the living embodiment of the old saying “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”.

The man in question is widely tipped to gain a promotion next week, well above his actual ability.

”That’s when it happens,” our crystal ball gazer advises, “the man has always wanted to become prime minister. Apparently he sees it as his birthright or something. His entire adult career trajectory has been directed at that end. Essentially he wants to notch the U.K. onto his bed head. Oh, and to even the score with some old school chums, because apparently that’s how you run a country when you’re in your mid-50’s. Physically, if not mentally or emotionally.”

What the country will think of the man getting his wish seems fairly certain too.

”There’s a small, influential group of voters that think somehow voting for the man to replace Theresa May as prime minister will make themselves feel better. It won’t. And no one is going to thank them for it.”

But might not the man surprise everyone when (assuming things play out as forecast for next week) he gets the top job? Maybe he’ll reveal he’s been working on a detailed and feasible plan of action all along?

”Fat chance,” our expert says, “just the other day he was waving a red herring about a stage. Not exactly Churchillian now, is it.”

Good luck Global Britons. You need it. We’re not going to wish the man luck, he deserves everything he gets if he gets what he’s wished so long for.

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