EU will have to face consequences of no Farage in EU – Brexiters hit back at Barnier

TAKE THAT : Leading Brexiters have hit back at the arrogance of lead EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, today in an incendiary firestorm of nerr nerr.

“Yeah well, so what, do I look bovered?” Andrea Jenkyns was beleived to be first out of the blocks on twitter, “if we face hardship as a result of tje entirely democratic decision to suspend our elected parliament so an autocratic prime minister can willingly force nearly 70m people to stand in ration queues, the EU will suffer too.”

Quite what the suffering will be, apart from a dry cleaning bill, as Global Britain blows its legs off, isn’t entirely clear, until Andrew Bridgen was thought to come up with the answer.

”The EU will have to face consequences of no Nigel Farage in the EU parliament,” one of the wee men of British politics slammed back, “imagine that? The EU’s accounts department will have massive waste on its hands. No one having to audit Brexit Party MEP expense accounts looking for fraud? Suck that up.”

And that won’t be all. Without Farage and his fellow travellers in the EU, the so called parliament is likely to suffer a serious drop in YouTube exposure.

”They better hope some other far right dipshit is prepared to step up to the plate, show up for a few minutes now and then to grandstand, making a joke of their home country and filming it, before buggering off to upload it to YouTube. It’ll be like the EU doesn’t exist anymore.”

Global Britain, now the size of a marble and shrinking. Take that EU! In your face!

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