Pretty hypocritical : Priti Patel wants criminals to feel terror unless they’re disgraced Tory MPs?

KANGAROO COURT : Home Office Secretary Priti Patel is wasting no time making her mark on her new patch of law and order and judge and jury.

”I want criminals to feel terror when they contemplate crime,” she declared.

Unless they’re a Tory MP?

It’s unclear if she is talking about a predetermined societal class, she’s identified in advance as criminal, or talking about people who have already proven themselves to have been criminal, so can be expected to be criminal again.

Unless they’re a disgraced Tory MP who used to be in a Ministry? Can they be presumed to be criminal again?

”They should feel terror too,” our criminal affairs analyst suggested, “with Patel running one of the most important ministries in the land.

“She’s previously argued for a return of hanging, as a deterrent. Which is encouraging to know, given how many innocent people tend to get hung. That’s a deterrent to not breaking the law? So at least if you swing it’s for something you’ve done?”

But Patel is well placed, as a minister in the party of law and order, to address matters of crime and punishment.

Tory MPs keep proving they know all about it. They keep ending up in court.

Patel herself had to resign the last time she was a minister. After it was revealed she was secretly negotiating with a foreign military.

You’d think that would end a politician’s career. Unless they’re a Tory MP.

”And of course her colleague now running education had to resign only weeks ago for leaking security council secrets to the press.”

You’d think that would have ended his political career. Good thing he’s a Tory MP.

It’s reassuring to have the ‘one rule for us and one for the rabble’ rule laid out so clear by the actions of the Conservatives running the government.

If you want crime to pay, presumably it helps to be a Tory MP?

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