Medieval religious crusades would have been peaceful if combatants had more faith – US gun advocates confirm

YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE FAITH : Striking historical conclusions from across the pond today with the discovery that the medieval religious crusades would have been peaceful if the opposing combatants involved had more faith.

The unique line of thinking follows an exhaustive search for an answer to how best to stop the horrific and never ending roller coaster of death in the USA resulting from allowing insecure man children to arm themselves to the teeth just to go to Starbucks.

This is a separate debate to hunting, given that the countries that have successfully stopped the frequent occurrence of mass public shootings still allow hunters to hunt with hunting rifles.

”Look, my hobby is semi-automatic guns. Guns. Lots of guns. This is mangled into an insecurity inside I don’t want to face and masked further with a creation myth. I don’t care how many people I don’t know are gunned down in cold blood because my selfish pleasure is more important.” One honest social media commentator said.

The less honest ones, the religious types, put the finger on a lack of faith. This is based on the widely accepted belief that God owns thousands of semi-automatic rifles for his own self defence.

”Look at all the religious conflicts down through time? If only those involved had believed more in their chosen sky daddy they wouldn’t have fought to begin with,” our gun nut cracker cracked, “it is actually feasible. Especially if you consider the inspiration for the crusades to the Holy Land. What would Jesus have done? Probably not sent tens of thousands of religious fanatics armed with swords to chop people into pieces for the sake of some real estate.”

The unending cycle of death in the USA does point to the success of gun lobbyists though. Manipulating a willing public to act against their best interests and believe it’s the right thing to do.

We’re currently experiencing a similar psychology con act for profit on this side of the pond. It’s become our current system of government.

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