Boris Johnson to restore faith in democracy by being booted out of office by government of national unity

PLAYTIME IS OVER : The last Tory prime minister of Little Britain, Boris Johnson, has indicated today that he is to restore faith in British democracy by being booted out of office by a government of national unity.

”It’s impressively considerate, for Noris Johnson,” Mrs Makit Appen, MP United-on-Kingston told LCD Views, “daily he lets that lunatic Cummings be his government’s mouthpiece. Daily pushing more MPs to the edge of sanity. Daily more quietly cross over the edge and into it. Quietly more indicate privately they’ll be prepared to join it. Quite the master stroke. The plan to avoid parliamentary scrutiny by ending the Tory leadership contest just before school holidays was another masterstroke.”

And preparation for a government of national unity is well underway.

”Labour leadership are being very helpful in this too,” Mrs Appen observes, “by refusing to countenance it, and continuing to demand a GE to get the Tories out, but refusing to make the one guaranteed play that would do it, with a GE to follow, quietly, more and more of their MPs are giving up on them and thinking a GNU would be okay. That’s impressively collaborative in a cross party sense. The smaller parties are all benefiting from a perception of being prepared to work together for the common good. Country above party. Now that’s some good PR right there. Clever. Long term political strategy. Wins you votes.”

But the real push for a GNU is about to start.

”It kicks off shortly when Boris Johnson’s government starts pumping out the result of giving a crazed propagandist hundreds of millions of public money to burn through creating bollocks to plaster the country with via social media, TV, press and billboards. That’s going to infuriate everyone. Another work of genius.”

Change is coming. It better bloody well hurry up.

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