New Monopoly sets to feature real pound sterling bank notes to save on printing costs

UWOTBRO : Makers of the famous board game, Monopoly, have announced it is to now come with actual UK pound sterling bank notes.

”It’s now cheaper than printing toy money to just stock the games with the real thing,” game re-designer Mr Brexit told LCD Views.

”The Royal Mint has already gone to the trouble of designing and printing the stuff, so why cut our profits by duplicating the effort when we can just pop down to the cash machine near the factory with a wheelbarrow and get out wads of sterling?”

The only snag appears to be how fiendishly bendy the current UK plastic currency is.

”To combat that we decided to do away with the five and ten pound notes. In reality they’re worthless in real life so to continue to include them in the sets of the board game isn’t keeping up to date. So just twenties, fifties and the hundred, two hundred and five hundred pound notes being printed so people have portable small change from November 1st.”

And the inclusion of the virtually worthless real money isn’t the only change to the famous game.

”We’ve included a new figure for people to play with. It’s a Tory politician. It has a special feature that is different to the classic avatars in the game. It can not land on the “Go To Jail” square at all. Oh, and it gets several million pounds at the start of the game. But there’s a new card in the Community Chest section. If the player using the politician draws this card they’re ordered to tell all the other players they got where they are by virtue of their own hard work.”

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