Danish prime minister gives Greenland to Obama just to wind up Trump

WHAT THE DRUMPF : The Danish Prime Minister, Hands Christian Andersen, has deliberately put himself in the sights of Donald Trump’s twitter rants today after giving Greenland to President Obama.

“It was the only sensible response to President Trump’s cancellation of his planned state visit next month,” the Danish foreign secretary, A A Vikin, told LCD Views during a telephone call that definitely happened.

Donald Trump cancelled the long scheduled trip to embarrass himself in Denmark via Twitter, of course, after the Danish PM said they wouldn’t be willing to sell the raving, orange faced lunatic the big green island.

But as a result of the diplomatic furore there are reports of mass, spontaneous street celebrations occurring in towns and cities across Denmark.

“Also on the Øresund Bridge which joins Denmark and Sweden,” the foreign minister advised, “Swedes are joining us in partying out of relief that Mr Trump will not now make an unscheduled visit fo their land while embarrassing himself in Denmark.”

President Obama has so far remained tight lipped about the sudden expansion in his property portfolio. It is expected thought that he will accept the keys to Greenland in a ceremony next month.

What flag Obama will fly over his new island isn’t yet clear either. But rumours suggest the Danish PM has requested an actual photo of Obama smiling is the obvious choice to base the design on. Just to wind up Trump even more.

There is an American military base on the island. Early reports suggest the men and women stationed in there are taking the day off to breathe a big sigh of relief at the change in their commander in chief.

The reaction from the British foreign office to the spat between two of the UK’s allies has been muted.

“That’s because Dominic Raab is still trying to work out why Greenland is white.”

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