My plan is definitely not to bring back May’s shite Brexit deal reheated in a new session of Parliament – Boris

CLOCKWORK BORANGE : A source at 10 Downing Street has responded to outrage today over Boris Johnson’s government’s plan to ask the Queen to get involved in Brexit and suspend parliament.

“Of course we’re dragging the Queen into Brexit,” said Face Eating Alien Lizard Man, special advisor to the PM, “nothing is sacred. All means are justified by the ends. Especially the end of parliament. Especially the chance to roll back progress and enfranchisement of plebs with rights by decades, centuries even, if we can get away with it. So why the hell wouldn’t we drag the Queen into it?”

Quite. Eyes on the prize people.

But suspicious souls have attempted to look beyond the headline smash and grab of today and wonder at the next step.

“It’s pretty bloody obvious,” random person paying attention said (well, guessed), “old Bercow won’t let Boris bring back May’s Deal in this session of Parliament. So they need a new session of Parliament. If he can bully MPs into passing it he gets to deliver Brexit. There’s little chance he’ll be daft enough to do No Deal. The EU isn’t going to renegotiate. So it’s May’s Deal reheated and rebranded for Brexit.”


“They’re not bothered at all about MPs attaching amendments to the Queen’s Speech opening the new session. They want parliament to legally block a No Deal, but in all the confusion they want MPs, most of whom aren’t paying too much attention, to see their choice between May’s resurrected deal and No Deal, or a GE in which Boris and Nigel work hand in hand to frame MPs as enemies of the people. Don’t underestimate how exhausted MPs are too. They may well pass the reheat to get it done with.”

This sounds like a pretty big and confusing gamble.

“It sounds like pay day each and every day on the exchange markets. Very much a part of Brexit. Chaos is cash. And Boris is a bluffer and a gambler and a chancer. Suspending parliament is a roll of the dice that lets him back them into a corner to deliver Brexit.”

It won’t work.

“Of course it won’t, it’s Brexit.”

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