Bungling Boris BLITZED as Parliament passes law FORCING Johnson to admit WW2 ended in 1945

PM HUNKERED AN’ BUNKERED : Boris Johnson is facing a bigger catastrophe than losing his Commons majority today after traitors in parliament ganged up with saboteurs in parliament to take away his last remaining weapon.

“What will he talk about? What will he allude to now to fire up the shrinking electile base?” a source embedded in the Johnson bunker texted us.

This wasn’t overly helpful as they’re supposed to be sending out information, not asking for it.

“If Boris Johnson has to admit, publicly, that WW2 is over, it’s very hard to see how he will maintain his support within the delusional corridors of what’s left of his party, and in the Kipper base in the shires. Just what will he do? What will he talk about? How will he deliver Brexit?”

And it gets worse.

Johnson’s platoon of useful idiots, Bridgen, Francois, Fabricant and the like, are for it too.

“There’s talk of a cross party bill being rushed through by an emboldened Commons to force Francois to admit his surname is French! It’ll be the end of him. And Bridgen will have to admit he didn’t take part in the D-Day landings. And even worse, someone from the ERG will have to state publicly that WW2 was won by joint international effort, no disregarding Britain’s pivotal role, but, we didn’t actually win it alone. It’s very hard to see where they go for talking points about just in time supply lines after that.”

But critics of the bill have pointed out one flaw in it.

“It does say he has to admit the war ended in the actual House of Commons. With parliament prorogued soon it buys him a few weeks to attempt to wriggle out of doing it.”

How could he do that?

“By organising his leaving drinks of course. He’s lost pretty much everything, he can at least claim the title of shortest ever serving prime minister. His reputation is in pieces. That’s one thing he can take away and keep forever.”

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