Popcorn sales soar as Johnson’s gaffes take on cinematic proportions

With all the threats of the damage a no-deal Brexit could do to the British economy, it is reassuring to know that there is at least one business that is currently not just staying afloat but thriving.

British popcorn sellers are currently enjoying the biggest boom in business they have ever known.
Since Boris Johnson took over as prime minister, sales of popcorn in Britain have gone through the roof.

The connection is not hard to spot, when talking to both vendors and consumers. Seller Hugh Eatitt had this to say:

“There’s a peak time for sales, usually just in the half-hour before BBC parliament starts broadcasting – seems like people are treating Boris’s gaffes like the great cinematic spectacle of the age, and want their snacks to hand when viewing it. I sold 48 times as much popcorn last week as I did on average the rest of the year. And I think that figure is going to rise even further.”

Well they’ve certainly had plenty to watch this week, since Johnson’s statistics mark him out as officially having the worst first week on the job of any British prime minister ever, having lost his majority, lost control of Brexit, and not even able to call a general election. The term “Whitehall Farce” has never been more appropriate.

Customers have confirmed the motive for bulk buying of popcorn. Student Cindy Marr had this to say:

“I just can’t wait to see how he puts his foot in it next – it’s like Game Of Thrones with laughs!”

So at least one business is booming thanks to our new prime minister. And set to stay booming for another three years if he can’t get an election before then.

The only question is, with all the strain it’s putting on manufacturers, will popcorn supplies last long enough to meet the demand?

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