Leo Varadkar joins growing list of people who’ve made Boris Johnson look like an idiot

EFFORT LESS EFFORT : Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has easily joined a growing list of people that have made temporary British prime minister, Boris Johnson, look like an idiot.

The list has been growing daily since Boris Johnson was crowned prime minister in a pretend Tory leadership election earlier this century.

“Leo Varadkar is one of the first foreign heads of state to get on the list, which has generally being filling up with homegrown talent, foremost of course being Nicola Sturgeon,” our List Compiler General says, “the continental leaders have been too cautious. Leo just went in and took Boris apart by stating objective reality. It made old Bojo look incredibly silly.”

Mr Johnson responded to the shredding in a Trumpesque display of random arm movements and suit re-arranging, which works much less effectively if someone who isn’t an idiot is standing right next to you.

It’s likely the list will continue to grow, the longer Mr Johnson attempts to bully and goad his away forward, as each move sees him walk directly into the lamp post of reality. The more he tries to pretend he’s Churchill, the more he looks like he’s playing all Three Stooges in a tiring tribute act.

But who is top of the list?

“It’s no great surprise that Dominic ‘The Short’ Cummings is number two. But number one is of course the arch clown himself, Alexander Boris dePrattle Johnson.”

Take a bow Boris. We’re all so proud of you at home, out there daily, making Britain grate again.

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