Cheer up, however Brexit turns out Boris Johnson is completely stuffed

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BAD PR : Scientists working at the University of Sanity have identified the first actual Brexit dividend today.

“We took a look at the trajectory of the boy who wanted to be World King,” lead scientist, Professor Blue Sky, told LCD Views, “for decades this individual has just risen, and not by noble means, but now he’s plateaued and soon he will start rapidly descending.”

The reason for the rapidly approaching, rapid descent appears to be the wrong choice as a newspaper columnist back in 2016.

“He’s a gambler. Do or die. His calculations, however cynical, have always paid off before. Then he rolled the big dice and it turned out like the plot to ‘The Producers’. He won, but in reality he needed to lose to win. So now he’s stuffed. Although he’s been on the run from the result ever since.”

And it seems the professor is onto something. Given that the World King is now attempting to rule over Brexitannia, a notoriously unstable and treacherous region.

“If he actually delivers Brexit he is stuffed, because any kind of Brexit will be negative. It’s just a question of degree. So there is no win there. Especially as half, and more likely significantly more, of the population can’t be propagandised into acceptance of his plan. In fact, the daily mass spend on social media is just entrenching them further.”

That’s no way to pull off a hard right revolution in governance. It sounds more like a botched coup…

“But, if he doesn’t deliver Brexit he is equally stuffed. So many ill intentioned, moneyed interests are looking for it to be a success, on their terms. Not delivering is not an option. It’s a classic no win. And to think he arrived at this point voluntarily through an excess of ill judged self-belief and entitlement? What a muppet.”

LCD Views would like to thank the professor, and his team at Sanity, for their findings.

David Cameron realised what he’d done, that there was no win, and bravely ran away.

Theresa May then took up the baton of horseshit, somehow believing that she’d make a success of it, and failed, ground up by reality into a mince as pure as that inside David Davis’ head.

Now Boris Johnson has scooped up the blood and scat smeared baton from May and is failing even faster.

It can only end one way, for the World King, for the country there is a choice to be made. It’s damage limitation time. The sooner we dethrone Brexit and limit the harm Brexit is doing, the shorter the recovery…

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