Johnson’s crowning glory as title sleazed of least work done between becoming PM and a GE!

BOJO THE DANGEROUS CLOWN : Nice work if you can get it as outgoing prime minister Boris Johnson is relieved of the danger of doing any serious work again for the next five weeks.

Since becoming prime minister, back in the summer, Mr Johnson hasn’t been very successful, in spite of having megamind Short Cummings at his disposal. Or being at Short Cummings disposal, whichever way it’s rolling.

But the one thing he has totally nailed is bunking off.

First for the summer recess, so he could get to grips with streaming videos on social media (good thing he took all those technology lessons while mayor!)

Then he prorogued parliament in the hope of both evading scrutiny of the work he wasn’t doing, and to intimidate the Commons.

That didn’t work. Some girly swots saw to that in the Supreme Court.

Still, at least he got to lie in for a few mornings. And he did then get to lawfully prorogue Parliament for a few days. Another well earned rest. Even if the stated reasons for doing it were clearly a sham.

Now he’s free to pursue his hobby of being a work shy blaggard spending other people’s money for five weeks during a GE campaign. Going here and there telling everyone how great he is.

For Mr Johnson that isn’t work, that’s pursuit of what appears to be his favourite distraction, apart from young totty of course! Wahey!

Although it won’t all be pleasure. Somehow he’s got to sit on an intelligence report into foreign interference in UK democracy. He will also have to hope the CPS do nothing with the file on Vote Leave lawbreaking. Oh, and that nothing comes of any of the paused investigations into his actions while Mayor.

But for a man known to have been drawn into a conspiracy to have a journalist beaten up and whose main talent seems to be making and breaking promises, that’s all in a day’s work.

And to think in just a few short weeks some people in this country will still vote for him.

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