Donald Trump to perform lobotomy on Matt Hancock to prove selling the NHS to him is safe

YOU WON’T NOTICE ANY DIFFERENCE: When the cool kids at CCHQ need a bright eyed boy to use as a useful idiot they’ve many choices nowadays, but none as bright eyed as little Matt “men who died on the beaches” Hancock.

“Right from the moment little Matty invoked the war dead in a cynical attempt to become head monkey in the scat shower we knew he’d do anything for us,” a new source inside 10 Downing Street told LCD Views, “I mean if you’ve that little principle you are Grade A modern Conservative. So Matt is the right choice for what we like to think of as a thought experiment crossed with real theatre.”

And real theatre it will be early next month when Donald Trump lands on these shores to interfere directly in the UK GE 2019.

“We’re still choosing the place to hold the event. Potentially on Downing Street. Although Matt is pushing for somewhere outdoors with statues to the heroes of the past in the background.”

But while the place is yet to be decided, the action is nailed down and bolted.

“Matt will walk solemnly to the stage holding a toast rack and wearing a standard hospital gown. Then he will lay down on a trestle table hung with Union Jack bunting.”

At this moment Donald Trump’s motorcade will arrive and the bigliest brain of them all enter the scene.

“Donald will be wearing a t-shirt branded with US private health companies logos. He’ll be holding a small hammer and what will look like an ice pick, but is actually a surgical instrument. From there it will be a simply matter of pausing dramatically for impact, before he does the deed.”

It’s thought no one will notice any difference in Mr Hancock’s behaviour after he is lobotomised.

“And that’s the secret to why it will make such a convincing argument that selling the NHS lock stock to US corporate health will be as safe as houses. After all, Donald did it to himself years ago and look at him now?”

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