Chariots of Liars – BBC deny altering image of Matt Hancock at GE hustings

MATT IS A RIGHT LITTLE TRIER : The BBC are in the first stage of a now standardised procedure followed whenever there is a cock up in the editing suite.

“They are denying editing footage of Health and Social Care Outsourcing Minister, Matt ‘men dead on the beaches’ Hancock at the GE hustings in his West Suffolk constituency,” our mole inside Broadcasting House says,

“in fact they are claiming the footage being widely circulated on social media of Little Matt getting his arse handed to him is actually the fake.”

But how long the BBC will maintain that images of Mr Hancock receiving a standing ovation from his adoring constituents, before being carried shoulder high in triumph by colleagues is real, is not clear.

“It’s not very credible,” our source goes on, “the people in the room started first heckling and then laughing in Mr Hancock’s face when he claimed another Conservative government would recruit an extra infinity+1 NHS nurses before New Years Eve.”

As has become routine now it is expected the Beeb will shortly admit the footage was altered, for timing reasons, a senior management figure will get passive aggressive on Twitter, before the new house of cards collapses.

“What’s more confusing to my mind is why CCHQ are bothering to alter BBC footage for campaign videos when the impartial, public broadcaster already has the matter well in hand, as evidenced by the triumph of Hancock’s half hour.”

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