UK’s national anthem “God Save The Queen” replaced by recording of slogan “Get Brexit Done”

NATIONAL TANTRUMS : Drama and scandal today after Downing Street revealed the UK’s national anthem, ‘God Save Someone’, has been replaced by an audio clip of the slogan ‘Get Brexit Done’.

The updating to a more focused set of words isn’t the cause of concern, but rather the name of the choir chosen to record it.

“Shortly before 7am this morning a furious Archbishop oF Cantandbury released a press statement demanding to know why the CofE boy’s choir had not been given the honour of recording ‘Get Brexit Done’, even though he has personally supported the project,” a national anthem matters correspondent reports,

“the decision to have the Conservative Party Boys Choir record the slogan instead is not going to be ‘just brushed under the carpet like the awareness of electoral crimes, the upsurge in racism and religious intolerance caused by the political decision to Brexit, based on a criminally corrupted, advisory, national opinion poll’ declared the Archedbishop.”

In this he has been supported by numerous cantilevered members of clergy and a concave nun.

And the Archedbishop wasn’t done with just that.

“I demand the immediate re-recording of the slogan by the CofE or you just wait to see how much pushback there is over secret government plans to dissolve the Church of England and use the sale of its assets to pay for Brexit!”

Downing Street has not officially responded to the demands yet, although a source did say off the record,

“Boris Johnson’s government will bend over backwards to maintain vigorous relations with the church and all its representatives and so will allow the CofE to record the B-side of a special Christmas release of ‘Get Brexit Done’ to be called ‘Morally Validating Electoral Crimes Never Hurt Anyone,.”

More on this story as it develops tumescently and eventually explodes, said the bishop.

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