Man who doesn’t understand the value of a stable family home happy to destabilise other people’s

SO MANY NESTS TO LAY IN AND SO LITTLE TIME : Outgoing British prime minister Boris “White Sofa” Johnson has made a dramatic return to the headlines in the closing stages of the 2019 GE campaign.

In a bold move yesterday, while at a fish market (and smelling more fishy than the catch of the day), Mr Johnson reached deep into the gutter and pulled a play out of the Leave EU ethno-nationalist playbook.

“He’s really gunning for the racist vote,” a Downing Street ‘source’ told LCD Views, “by bringing up EU migration in the closing stages of the campaign? Classic. Use other humans as political footballs, regardless of the consequences of your cheap words. Genius. Just as the polls look at breaking point too for his party.”

Can you imagine the anxiety and fear his words caused in millions of homes? And let’s not forget, he’s causing that in the homes of British immigrants, sorry, ex-pats, too.

Clearly Mr Johnson knows about the value of stability in the family home, having experienced it with several families of his own. Also, if the rumour mill is correct, having caused it in other people’s families via brief encounters. He knows what he’s messing with. He just doesn’t care.

How many kids does he have again? Someone find out and tell him?

“Can you imagine how it feels to hear the exceptional British prime minister yesterday? To have moved to the UK legally from an EU27 state, in many cases decades ago. Fallen in love here. Settled down. Started a family. Paid your taxes all the while. Felt like your home was here and it is,

“And now along comes the prime minister, actually successive prime ministers, to upend all that,

“And one famously born in another country, raised mostly in a different country again and with more countries involved in his own family story? That takes some brass neck. That’s apparently political leadership in the UK. We fought fascism. We keep telling everyone. Now we’re on the road to it and we’re paving it with cobbles of exceptionalism and exclusion.”

This is Brexit of course. If a politician is validating Brexit as a project still, after all that is now known, they are fuelling Boris.

How many additional votes the migration play will gain Mr Johnson isn’t clear, but it doesn’t matter anyway (to him), there is apparently no consequence for Mr Johnson. Which explains why he is the way he is most likely, but there will certainly be a consequence for old Blighty if we don’t teach him a lesson this Thursday. And for the many millions of people conveniently disenfranchised in the Brexit story.

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