Uncle Bulgaria referred to Prevent

MAKE GOOD USE OF BAD RUBBISH – NO THANKS! : THE DIRTY FUEL INDUSTRIES, AND THEIR LOBBYISTS, are resting more easily today after notorious enviro-terror organisation, The Wombles, were added to the anti-terror watchlist by Home Office Secretary Priti Patel.

She did this completely independently, with no influence from US billionaire funded, right wing think tanks (that we know of) who appear to think that short term profit is more important than anything resembling a sustainable future for life on the planet.

“The bank accounts of dirty fuel billionaires will still exist after we’ve all wiped ourselves, and most of the Earth’s biomass, out,” said a spokesman for Burn It All And Weep (it’s an educational charity which trolls about social issues),

“think of it like the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. The pharaohs maybe long dead but you know who was king! Yeah! Forever. By our works will we be remembered! You dirty hippy! Who is going to know about you in a thousand years time? Ha! Loser!”

Uncle Bulgaria, leader of The Wombles, has long been the focus of attention due to his extreme preachings and the overall behaviour of what will now be recognised as a global terror network.

“Do you know where Greta Thunberg was radicalised?” the spokesman demanded, “it was on Wimbledon Common. It’s amazing Uncle Bulgaria was allowed to get away with his alarming activities for so long without attracting the attention of the authorities. Look at him. Big beard. Weird hat and clothing. Yeah, he’s infiltrated our society and radicalised the young. No doubt about it, he’s a mad environmental mullah.”

But the action against The Wombles isn’t the end of it. The Home Office has other notorious and dangerous sects on its list.

“Dr Seuss, we’re issuing him with a travel ban. Have you read ‘The Lorax’? Holy cow! And the kids in that film ‘Free Willy’, god knows what they’re up to these days after such a misguided beginning. Well, Global Briton will be safe from all of them. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now get yourself a lump of coal and eat.”

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