Government simplifies MPs’ Code of Conduct to “Fuck business, and the rest of it”

WORDS MATTER : Reality is what you imagine it to be. This Global Britons is how we will reshape our country for the challenges we are creating ourselves for tomorrow!

To this end the Chancellor Mr Javid, famous for having worked for Deutsche Bank in the build up to the 2008 financial crash, has urged any British business not in the boom sector of disaster capitalism to prepare to be a disaster.

To help in this end the government has rewritten the MPs code of conduct so MPs know what to do when the disasters begin in earnest.

Gone are such fluffy, woke, hipster nonsense like selflessness. Mate. What were you thinking? How can that possibly prepare Britain for Brexit? Don’t even think about considering the needs of others. Misunderstood Darwinism is now the go to moral in the code.

Integrity? OMG. Boris Johnson being Prime Minister and also elevating MPs sacked by the electorate to the Lords settles that score.

Accountability? Pah! We can’t even do basic maths anymore. Just look at our Brexit forecasts. There aren’t any! And besides, MPs need to know that when we do Brexit it is the fault squarely of the people who said Don’t Do Brexit.

Openness? Another quaint notion that won’t build Empire 2.0. Release the Russia Report? And what? Lose our jobs? You’re having a laugh.

And the rest of it. Honesty. Leadership. Yeah. Yeah. You’ve not been paying attention.

Now the code of conduct is simple. Simply ‘Fuck Business, and the rest of it’, just listen to Javid (and chums), blithely throwing millions to the wolves because, wait for it, the people voted for it.

Representative parliament has outlived its usefulness to predatory billionaires, now we do Brexit. Get on with it.

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