Shouldergate critics accused of HYPOCRISY following no uproar as PM appears in HoC revealing his heel

CLOTHES MAKETH THE MAN : THE CRITICS OF TRACEY BRABIN MP have been justly accused of hypocrisy after they failed to criticise Prime Minister (for life) Boris Johnson over his choice of dress for the House of Commons.

“They all went so crazy over Tracy Brabin’s shoulder they couldn’t even check if they’d spelt her name right before launching into tirades on Twitter,” our Confected Outrage correspondent noted, “I guess the sight of that much flesh, thrust into their faces, as the UK recovers itself as a wholly unified Christian country, acting out Christian values like deportation of vulnerable citizens, and where people feel a sense of belonging to the land that GOD gave them at creation, well, a bit of shoulder is just too much.”

But the furore over the shoulder was useful in other ways.

“It stopped people mentioning the Acuri scandal, the Intelligence Report into Russian Interference and asking why the f c u k is Stanley Johnson being employed as a go between with China.”

That last one is pretty easy. Bojo is still desperately seeking the approval of his dad, so he’s using him to subvert our diplomatic service, so he feels good about himself.

“It’s a little bit royal isn’t it? A little bit absolute monarch to use your close family members as courtiers to powerful foreign courts?”

Well, the prime minister’s choice of dress is a little bit absolute monarch too and no one’s raised an eyebrow.

“It’s odd how you see him as Henry VIII,” our correspondent replies, “when I saw him he was wearing the emperor’s new clothes. He must have an extensive wardrobe.”

Yes, he’s also sheathed in lies…

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