EU agrees to immediately close Britain’s borders to ensure BBCQT audience members don’t get out

WITH IMMEDIATE AFFECT : Freedom of Movement can be a double edged sword. On one hand it can allow people to foster friendships across an entire continent that was once in almost perpetual, nationalist fuelled conflict, find their life partners, accept work or education opportunities across borders, maybe retire somewhere you find really lovely, but, on the other it can lead to you hearing foreign voices on trains.

It’s easy to see why ‘Take Back Control’ was such an emotional hook for a percentage of the electorate, finally freed to express their genuine concerns about immigration at the ballot box.

But it seems, no matter how steadfast, heroic and determined the leadership of the UK is from Downing Street, regarding ending freedom of movement for people (but not for money, clearly, and not for rich people either), the arrogant and unelected, elected heads of state of the EU27 have been slow to get the message that OUT MEANS OUT.

Until now.

We are pleased to announce that following last night’s broadcast of insightful, fact based discussion on BBCQT, that the EU is finally going to act.

With immediate effect all UK facing borders are to be sealed, welded shut, bricked up and barbed wired shut. The EU is taking back control now and it’s about time too.

“We are left with no choice,” said Mr Brussels in a funny sounding voice, “we have to immediately seal our borders with yourselves. Just in case that mad bigot shouting about the UK being full and the necessity of immediately closing UK borders gets out.”

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