50 Melania Trump lookalikes to join US unemployment stats from Wednesday

YOU’RE FIRED : WHILE THERE APPEAR TO BE SOME WINNERS emerging out of the US political matrix, following their general election last year, not everyone is looking forward to a great year.

And one group of performance artists in particular are staring down the barrel of unemployment for the rest of 2021.

“Melania Trump lookalikes are heading for the welfare queues,” our White House correspondent notes, “it’s unlikely Donald Trump will make good the most recent invoices, and that’s a shame. Bigly.”

The cast of lookalikes playing the first lady has swollen over the last couple of years as the actual First Lady devoted more and more time to ripping out trees planted by her predecessors.

“Even while the pandemic has caused a downturn in the performing arts, those canny artists who specialised in Melania sailed through 2020 only seeing their working hours increase. To play a Melania is a niche talent which involves not moving any facial muscles at all, accept for one brief grimace each performance. Some would say that is too shallow a pool of talent, but it perfectly mirrors the exact skills needed by the real Melania to keep Donald happy whatever he demands.”

But industry experts are keen to point out that the downturn will be only temporary.

A top US actors agency told LCD Views – “The Melania’s should all stay active and in training. Probably get some voice coaching too. Once the pandemic is over there will be dozens of Trump bios and re-imaginings going into production and being a fake Melania will again be a golden meal ticket.”

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