American War of Independence declared a massive waste of time

ABSOLUT MONARCHY : Historians from the Institute of Institutes have declared their conclusion after a long running study into what came after the Revolutionary War, or the American War of Independence.

“I’ll start with the footnotes to our study,” Doctor History said, shuffling piles of documents about, “most of these papers contain screenshots of Donald Trump tweets, there just supporting evidence for our conclusions. Anyway. You know how you have this de facto royal family ruling American now? The Trumps? You know how they’ve this interesting habit of taking money from charities for their own use? And you’ve seen how that doesn’t seem to dent their support within the Republican Party, or the Trump electorate? What do you think about that?”

The Doctor paused in a way you would have to describe as pregnant, before continuing.

“Have you seen that image going around Twitter declaring Trump ‘King of the United States’? What do you think about that?”

Thereafter followed a lot of boring, nerd stuff about how the statue in the image is of George Washington, and the unintended irony of the banner’s positioning.

Finally though the good doctor got to the point of it all.

“Donald Trump, King of America? He will be if re-elected, in spite of all the obvious idiocy, bigotry, disregard for the constitution, nepotism, presumed collusion with foreign powers and malfeasance in office, oh and abuse of power. I mean what’s the point of it all?”

The point of what? The American War of Independence?

“That’s it. Total waste of time. May as well have saved yourselves the bother and remained under the yoke of tyranny across the pond. Rather than getting all worked up about taxation without representation, only to eventually elect a man to office who boasts about not paying tax towards representation, as if that’s the act of a statesman?”

So it was all just a total waste of time?

“That’s what we’ve decided at the Institute for Institutes. And if you don’t sort yourselves out in the United Kingdom, the same will be said for The Glorious Revolution.”

Experts? Pah! People have had quite enough of them! Oh, and non-corrupt elected representation.

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