BBC ordered to replace coverage of NI riots with images of a grinning idiot and Union Flags

STRONG AND STABLE GOVERNMENT : No one can forget the bullet the U.K. dodged when it chose David Cameron over Ed Miliband back in 2015, and today we are really starting to reap what we’ve sown.

Strong and stable government has of course been the watchword of the Conservative and Unionist Party, ever since it resumed its rightful place running the show back in 2010.

“The strength and stability only strengthened and stabilised once we rid ourselves of our coalition partners,” a 10 Downing Street source told LCD Views. “If the British people, in their wisdom, had not had the common sense to give Dave ‘boy wonder’ Cameron a twelve seat majority back in 2015 heaven knows where we would be? We certainly would not have had that advisory referendum in 2016.”

Now of course Mr Cameron has long since ceased to be the steady hand on the tiller of the executive. He concerns himself with matters of high finance with the same expertise he showed in politics.

“Theresa May had a rather forgettable time as prime minister. Although her Brexit red lines did provide the secure ground of xenophobia and self-harm that our current PM built all too readily upon.”

Some of course would say that the current riots in Belfast are the fault of the prime minister. That making a man child who has never suffered any serious consequence for his misdeeds prime minister was a mistake of grave magnitude. But they of course are not patriots.

“Now we’re into the meat of what Brexit really means. The riots in Northern Ireland are teething problems. It will all calm down soon enough. And to reassure everyone that all will be alright, that all is worth the cost, what better than images of flags? What better than a grinning idiot and flags? But not just any flags. Union Flags. And not just any idiot. Boris Johnson level idiot.”

The BBC, with its new and much more patriotic leadership, can be trusted to get right on it!

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