Boris Johnson correctly identifies a fridge in cognitive test focused on hiding places

A VERY STABLE GENIUS : By now everyone has been impressed by the mental abilities of President Donald Trump, who recently wowed the globe with his ability to identify an elephant. But it’s not just across the pond where a stable genius reigns.

“Comrade Johnsonov sees Comrade Trumpski as setting the low bar for him to follow under, in all things,” a Downing Street source told LCD Views, “in accordance with this Boris Johnson has also done a cognitive test.”

But he’s done it with a twist.

“He did not want to be accused of plagiarism, at home and abroad, so he’s taken a cognitive test, just like POTUS, but he’s taken a different cognitive test.”

Very stable. Very genius.

“The test Mr Johnson has taken is identical actually to a test routinely taken by Conservative MPs. They’re not going to insult your intelligence by taking a test to identify animals. Their inaction on climate change will see all those animals go extinct anyway. What’s the point of identifying something that doesn’t exist? Mr Johnson has taken a test to identify something cold and hard.”

What? A type of fridge?

“Oh, he’s already aced that test. Live on TV during the general erection campaign last year. No. The test Mr Johnson has taken was to identify Roubles from a range of currency outlines.”

Oh! Much more impressive! Given all bank notes are essentially the same shape! Much better than an elephant (in the room).

“Yes, you could say he’s banked it.”

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