Breaking the law is completely legal, says Boris Johnson

I FOUGHT THE LAW: And since I control the law, the law lost. Therefore, argues Boris Johnson’s Downing Street source, it is now legal to break the law.

Johnson may be a dead duck in charge of an exhausted white elephant that has long outgrown its room. But the indefatigable “Classic” Dom Cummings has plenty more dead cats to fling at the mass media vultures in the expectation that they continue to look the other way.

This is the Cummings Effect in full cry. The tail has been wagging the dog for a very long time now. Lockdown failed because Cummings was allowed to break the rules and the country followed suit. Now law and order could follow.

“Why were you driving at 120mph on the wrong side of the road, sir?”

“I know it’s illegal, officer, but it’s only breaking the law in a very specific and limited way.”

“On your way then, sir!”

Rules are made to be broken, and the Crime Minister and his cronies are driving a juggernaut through them. Expect a wave of specific and limited crimes, with the unanswerable defence “But the government…”.

Johnson has set a precedent. Breaking the law is now legal, and lawlessness could well result. Anarchy In The UK is tipped to be this year’s Christmas Number One.

This is a logical corollary of the very illogical Brexit. Break links, break agreements, break treaties, break communities, break dancing, break laws. Get the country spinning on its head so rapidly that nobody knows what’s really going on. Distract, distract, distract, so that nobody realises that the only true objective of Brexit was to wreck the country in order to make a quick buck.

Until it’s too late.

But the negative, anti-democratic, crybaby, loser, remoaner, enemies of the people have delayed Brexit for so long, and made so much noise about it, that the blatant corruption is obvious to all.

Power corrupts. And Cummings is aiming for absolute power.

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