Brexit impact studies to be released via controlled explosion in isolated field

The UK government has responded quickly to the defeat in the Commons last night with a decision to release the Brexit impact studies via a controlled explosion in an isolated field.

“We are complying with the result of the vote,” Mr B Umble, spokesbot for DExEU told press lizards lounging outside the chamber. “Even though it was an opposition motion and we really don’t pay any attention to anything since June 23rd 2016, when time stopped.”

It’s believed the reason for releasing the 58 studies in this manner is because if someone actually reads them it could be disastrous for our Brexit negotiating strategy. Especially if someone in government reads them.

“We’re not too concerned with what the British people think, enough of them appear to be sufficiently deluded to persist with Brexit, even though we already know it is likely a catastrophically stupid thing to do with no discernible gain except a boom time for the slogan and tax dodging industries.”

It’s believed a special army bomb disposal unit is already on the way to Westminster to take charge of all copies of the reports and race them to a secret location on Salisbury plain, just next to Stonehenge, where they will be surrounded by dynamite and blown up.

“With any luck people will just think the giant fireball rising into the sky is a bunch of rebellious teenagers larking about with too many firecrackers.”

Should any of the papers survive the explosion and float singed into your garden you are advised to pretend they are not there and let slugs and snails erase the words in due course.

“We are alerting the NHS to be on standby. If by some terrible cock up a report lands in the lap of a member of the public in a legible form and they read it, it could lead to some sort of reverse zombie apocalypse where everyone comes to life at once and masses on Westminster Green filled with a rage we won’t be able to alleviate. We will need mass sedation, preferably via some sort of aerosol.”

But the greatest concern is that an actual politician may read one of the reports and realise their legacy is going to be an eyewateringly stupid act of self harm.

“Personally I think we should evacuate England and lift off into orbit and nuke the whole place. It’s the only way to be sure no one ever sees what a bunch of absolute, dissembling con artists the Brexit politicians are.

Either way, the reports will soon be ashes and dust, hopefully before no member of government has read them!”

DExEU denies purchase of more cigarette packs for back of fag packet Brexit planning

The chief Brexiter David Davis was forced to the dispatch box in the lower house today, after the PM placeholder finished, to deny his department has purchased another carton of duty free cigarettes for the purpose of more Brexit planning.

“It is simply not true, I think,” The MP for Winging-It declared, “You aren’t allowed to smoke in the office anymore. And we’d hardly waste 200 marlboros by just throwing them in the bin for an intern to nick, just to have the packets, which by the way are excellent for writing big ideas on, would we?”

When asked by Anna Soubry why his fingertips were stained a heavy browny orange, Mr Davis coughed to clear his throat, before continuing.

“I’ve been eating Dorittos. It’s hard to stop once you start. They must coat them in crack. And I must say I’m a little surprised someone on my own team is questioning what I have for lunch. I am a very busy man. Sometimes, between my lessons in shoelace tying, and talking myself up in the mirror, I hardly have time to hire the thousands of extra civil servants the country needs to prepare for the opportunities presented by Brexit.”

This matter dealt with Mr Davis left the lower house in order to make his afternoon appointment at the school for differentiating between elbows and arses.

Unfortunately for the minister we have a source inside the same school who later furnished us with an empty cigarette packet found on the floor under his seat in the classroom.

The following was written across it,

“Make sure you say you never said Brexit will be easy. And don’t forget your elbow is the one which makes the fart sounds when you’re nervous.”

It will be interesting to see what is written across the other nineteen Spanish cigarette packets, presumably bought by a staffer for DExEU on half term break.

Maybe something about cake and being patient when you want to eat it? Being prepared to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of jobs to watch a few billionaires have their low low tax dream fulfilled.

Or maybe the biggest secret of all, how to avoid a cliff edge Brexit while maintaining just enough xenophobic rhetoric to keep the will of the people who want it from going up in smoke.

May demands strategic ‘u turn’ added to list of Brexit lifelines

British Prime Minister Theresa May has reportedly demanded that DexEU add ‘u turn’ to the list of strategic Brexit lifelines.

The order comes amid speculation from the suspected traitors at the Bank of England that Brexit could lead to initial job losses in the city of London of 75,000+. Although the actual number could be hundreds of thousands and doesn’t include all the associated jobs such as restaurant staff and shoeshiners.

“I don’t mind telling you the strong lady is pretty shaken up,” an aide to the PM allegedly advised.

“All this time she’s been on the phone taking orders from that Australian American media mogul she’s been believing Brexit will make a success of it.”

It’s understood that David Davis MP, minister in charge of DexEU, has already drawn up a contingency list of options should Brexit get a bit sticky.

“He’s written down 50/50, phone a friend and ask the audience as Brexit strategy fallbacks on the back of a fag packet. I am pretty sure his handwriting is so large, he uses crayons, that there won’t be room to add ‘u turn’.

Someone is going to have to go down to the Westminster off license, purchase a packet of Rothmans and smoke the lot so we’ve more writing paper.”

Worth initial estimates of tax revenues lost by the bleed of financial service jobs already in the squillons, 50/50 is looking used up.

“I guess we could charter a bus and start symbolically driving it in u turns on Westminster Green?” the aide mused further.

“You know, prepare the people for when phone a friend is gone. Ask the audience is no good, it’s how we got in this bloody mess to begin with. So we are going to need at least the option of u turn. It’s just sound strategic thinking.”

Davis maybe considering alcohol related incident with Junker to liven up Brexit talks

David Davis MP, head of the fantastically visionary Department for Exiting the EU, is said to be so out of ideas for how to drive talks forward that the only thing left to do is to get really drunk with Junker and hope to come out the better of it in the ensuing public spectacle.

LCD Views met secretly with someone claiming to be an aide to Davis to hear more about the inside planning going on to avoid the cliff edge. We met them on the Thames embankment on a bench facing the river. They sat at one end of the bench, we sat at the other, both faced away and talked out of the corner of our mouths.

“Are you sure you weren’t followed?” the aide asked LCD Views, “I’m gone if you were. This is incredibly risky. I didn’t sign up to be deep throat.”

Assurances were given that our reporter was not followed, although in truth, we’re a ramshackle and amateur outfit, so no measures were taken to avoid it. It never actually occurred to us we would be.

“He’s really scratching his head now on Brexit,” the aide mumbled, “He thought he’d just walk in there with his hands clearly empty, ready for a scrap, and lay it down. We’re an imperial power. We’ve got nukes from the yanks. We’ve got aircraft carriers that’ll have even have planes borrowed from the Americans sooner or later. Don’t mess with us.”

But it seems things didn’t pan out as expected.

“Barnier has such big piles of paper. They’ve got words on them too. It’s pretty sneaky what the EU is up to. They appear to have prepared. We’re not happy. This is supposed to be improv.”

But with the EU blocking Davis and May and their cunning plan to just get what they want because they want it, blue sky thinking is now looked to for the answer.

“He’s needs to get Junker drunk and get into a fight,” the aide nodded. “It’s a perfect plan. Here, we’ve even sketched out how it should go with stickmen.”

The aide slid a piece of paper across the bench.

“Make sure you run this if you go to print. Junker is the one with the bottle in his hand. It’s perfect. Davis is going to dance about like a prat and wait for him to knock himself out. Just one of the many possibilities represented by Brexit!”

UK Gov to buy Monarch out of administration and force fly traitors to Thanet

Theresa May sent a sacrificial junior minister out amongst hungry journalists this morning to announce she has ordered Monarch bought out of administration for the purpose of forcibly flying pro-EU voters to Thanet in Kent on package holidays.

“Monarch by name, monarch by nature,” Mr Largeli Jobbli, MP for Basildon-on-Firth began, “and our Prime Minister is going to raise the phoenix from the ashes and revitalise a long neglected corner of the UK at the same time. You could say it’s two phoenixes for the price of one.”

Details of how the remain sympathetic voters will be forced to board the refloated airliners were sketchy, but Mr Jobbli was cheerful, full of what traitors can expect upon arriving in Thanet.

“Constant electronic supervision. A gold standard for attentive government. Biometric testing to ensure they receive the correct ration packs. Negligible medical care. This will actually be a boon for the private sector. We will be putting out to tender the contract to supervise these subversives during their relaxing re-education. Well, it will be G4S who wins the contract, but we’ll have the expected tender circus to keep up appearances.”

Apparently, large plastic palm trees have been installed and lucky punters will be encouraged to sit through a cabaret of Nigel Farage lookalikes who will sing and dance to a soundtrack which fully realises the possibilities presented by Brexit.

“This is a cross government initiative,” Lobbli enthused, “the Department for education will soon be issuing guidelines for all schools on how teachers can encourage their pupils to be the eyes and ears of the government in the home. So we go forward as one nation to the sunny uplands of negotiating trade deals alone against America, governed by our friend Donald, and China, who are building us a cheap nuclear power plant, there are only good outcomes. To expect anything less is probably actually treason.”

If you’re signing petitions calling for the people to have the final say on any Brexit deal or no deal, pack your bags, you’ll soon be flying Monarch to Thanet.

You won’t even need a passport.

But probably best to pack a blue one, just in case you stumble across an inflatable washed up on the beach and make good your escape across the channel.