CV-19 update : Northerners must stay home, but may visit Leeds Castle for eye tests

CLEAR AS MUD ON A WINDSHIELD : THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN FORCED to reintroduce Coronavirus restrictions in the north of England after people followed their advice.

“I don’t honestly know what’s got into you all,” Mr Johnson told the nation this lunchtime, “we said you must go back to work if you can, you must go to pubs if you can, you must get back out and enjoy all the things you’ve been missing, if you can, basically you must keep the high road and hospitality industries alive, if you can, but you had to STAY ALERT and CONTROL THE VIRUS while getting hammered with family and friends. Your selfish behaviour has COST LIVES.”

How the nation will deal with being told off isn’t clear, but it’s likely there will be a massive shrug.

“I don’t honestly know what to make of it,” our pandemic affairs analyst says, “it’s almost as if the messaging is designed to confuse, so the government of Dominic Cummings can continue to pursue herd immunity. This would have the advantage of potentially eradicating a potentially tricky section of the population when it comes to selling off the health services lock, stock and barrel to US corporate interests. But it can’t be that. The primary job of government is to protect the populace. There must be something in the superforecasts that I’m missing.”

But it isn’t all confusing news. There is some welcome clarity in the new restrictions.

“The good people of the north of England may not visit each other in their homes at present, and they must not leave their region,” Mr Johnson added extra clarity, “but under Dom’s Law they can still visit Leeds castle for an eye test.”

Dominic Raab will be holding a press conference later today, complete with a map of Siberia, to explain how to do this.

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