Matt Hancock said he only accepted shares in his sister’s company to test his eyesight

HALL OF FAME : Matt Hancock is a man who knows how to take care of himself, his friends and his family. There’s no crime in that.

Happily some sections of the media are willing to bring Matt’s altruism to public attention, or we may not have found out just how generous is his spirit.

“It’s not a conflict of interests if you care deeply about the people you’re awarded contracts to without tender,” a 10 Downing Street source told LCD Views. “The only sin the Health Secretary has committed is being found out. He would like to project a tough, no nonsense approach, but clearly he wears his heart on his sleeve.”

The overly sentimental streak may indeed be a strong family trait, judging by the shareholders of the family company Matt has been awarding valuable public money to.

“Obviously some have seized the wrong end of the stick and cry that a public servant should not profit off the decisions he makes while discharging the responsibilities of his office. But that’s just discriminatory. It would be punishing Matt for serving the public if he had to exclude himself and his family.”

Weirdly though certain sections of the public, and even some opposition MPs aren’t convinced all is above board.

“We’ll change the rules then, to keep them happy and stop all the whining. It’s very distracting. And clearly Matt has the Barnard Castle Defence to fall back on. He only gifted the company he and his family own a government contract to test his eyesight. Dom established that as a principle of Johnson’s government. The public accepted it. It’s valid. Besides, what are you going to do about it?”

Matt Hancock’s sister to lead inquiry into Matt Hancock awarding contracts to Matt Hancock’s sister

IT’S A FAMILY BUSINESS : The great unwashed are famous for being jealous of the hard earned success of their betters.

We need look no further than the case of Matt Hancock who has valiantly been building on the sacrifices of those men who died on the beaches. Initially by supporting lying to the Queen so he could be Secretary of State for Health, and latterly by solving the social care crisis.

Well Matt Hancock has had enough, especially now that people have noticed he has a sister who he innocently awarded lucrative contracts too. The company of the receiving end just happened, by total coincidence, to have a large shareholding in the name of Matt Hancock. It’s probably not the same Matt Hancock.

“These accidents happen every day,” a 10 Downing Street source told LCD Views. “It’s like accidentally shagging a Union Flag draped IT tutor who needs hundreds of thousands of pounds to further her completely legitimate business interests. Nothing to see here. Move along please. Don’t ask who helped set up the Conservative Friends of Russia. The public need to let us get on with the business of governing.”

That’s what Matt thinks too. So he’s going to order an inquiry into Matt Hancock awarding contracts to Matt Hancock’s sister who has a company that Matt Hancock just happens to hold shares in. A shredding company no less.

And who will chair the inquiry?

“Why Matt Hancock’s sister of course. She knows everything that’s happened. And she can work closely with Matt, as already proven. If you want to get the right result you need to start on the right foot. Get an expert involved. Get in a family member.”

Then everyone can accept it’s time to move on, again…

Michael Gove ready to “stop hiding” and launch leadership contest to “rid Tory party of corruption”

MISSING IN ACTION : The UK’s greatest living politician, Michael “Rupert” Gove, is rumoured to be readying himself to return to frontline political action.

It’s believed he left the stage some weeks back over growing unease at the levels of public awareness of cronyism in government and wanted to be “the first rat to jump off the ship”. A decision which only increases his worth in the public estimation.

Now it seems after quiet time in contemplation, during which circulating “reports of puppies and kittens being sacrificed on an altar to an ancient kraken” are described as “overblown”, Mr Gove is ready to stage a comeback.

“He’s going for the top. He’s going to cut the head off the snake,” an insider in Hell told LCD Views. “Johnson won’t even have time to shout ET tu Gove! Or appeal to any other extraterrestrial for help.”

It’s believed Mr Gove is assured that the governing 1922 Committee already have the required number of letters expressing no confidence in the shambolic prime minister because “Gove and his wife wrote them themselves”, presumably in blood or some other powerful fluid.

Speculation that is was their own blood is far fetched though as the “paper would have caught fire on contact”.

The appeal to rid the governing party of public awareness is thought to be strong amongst MPs who are “troubled over the sheer size of the cat that David Cameron let out of the bag”.

Re-bagging the public awareness feline is sure to see Gove replace Johnson as “governing in the modern Conservative way requires a lot more discretion than the boozy, blonde, playboy is able to manage.”

It’s not believed Mr Gove plans to hold a snap general election, should he succeed, because that would risk the beginning of the “millennia of terror and suffering on Earth he intends to oversee.”

Ministerial Code is advisory only, confirms Boris Johnson

HONOURED MORE IN THE BREACH THAN THE OBSERVANCE: That great statesman, Boris Johnson, confirmed today that standards are optional.

He included this statement in a meandering ramble promoted by a sycophantic back bench lackey.

“Obviously standards are important,” he blustered, with his usual lack of self awareness. “But when the Ministerial Code – which is a voluntary mechanism, after all – gets in the way of day to day business, then it is incumbent upon ministers, wiff waff, erm, erm, yes, no, erm, to ignore it. Ignore it, my friends, with impunity! Omnia mutantur, nihil interit, I say!”

Johnson was gently pressed on the matter. Someone dared to ask him about the Nolan Principles.

“The Nolan Principles?” he replied, momentarily stumped. “If you mean the Nolan Sisters, well, they were some seriously decent totty back in the day!”

By extension, perhaps there are other codes which are past their sell by dates. Public standards expert Manda Torie detailed the situation for LCD Views.

“Any code, such as the Ministerial Code, relies on compliance,” Torie explained. “But codes may be broken, like the Enigma Code, and once they are broken they lose their power.”

That’s a very good point. Which other codes are at risk?

“The Highway Code is essential to road safety,” she replied. “Without it, our roads would resemble a mass brawl in cars, or even worse, Italy. Without common agreement, the Morse Code would be a random series of bleeps, and the Da Vinci Code a load of overblown gibberish.”

And this is why the Ministerial Code is important.

“A chain of command is only as strong as the weakest link,” she clichéd. “And if the links at the head of the chain are removed, then there is no chain at all. The government has broken its links to the country. Democracy is dead!”

Codes advise, ministers decide.

“Dance of Brexit” rehearsals for Brexit Festival result in A&E admissions for facial injuries

DANCE MACARBE : Reports of CALAMITY last night in the Little England village of Nostalgia after rehearsals for a new dance resulted in a flood of A&E admissions at the nearest hospital.

It’s understood the residents were hoping to build on the success of their VE Day 2020 conga line dance by inventing a new conga to celebrate Brexit at the upcoming festival.

“The dance has been designed by a local man, Mr Amnesia, who added a few extra twists and turns to the classic dance,” our local correspondent reports. “But a printer mishap meant each dancer received a slightly different set of instructions.”

It’s understood those taking part in the rehearsal had memorised exactly the moves they were to make, only many of those moves were incompatible with the ones learnt by others.

“It all started out coherently enough with everyone involved managing to separate themselves by some distance during the first change, the Leave means Leave steps, but it was when they came back together and attempted to move forward all hell broke loose.”

Eye witness accounts say “dancers elbowed each other in the eyes. Accidentally butt punched one another. Someone vomited after punching themselves in the stomach on purpose and then everyone was so desperate to avoid the puddle they just crashed together and went down like a sack of proverbial.”

Further reports of a firearm being discharged and blowing off the user’s foot after being investigated.

“I can confirm that Mr Bluff did cut off his own nose with a rusty razor during the step sequence titled ‘Stuff the French’. A spokesman for the hospital says doctors are attempting to re-attach the body part but the procedure is being complicated by the patient refusing point blank to believe he has cut his nose off in the first instance.”

Many of the injuries were worsened by a delay in seeking help as the dancers accused a small local group called “Remoaners” of being responsible for the catastrophic outcome, but none of them are known to have been involved.

“Further damage was sustained owing to the nearest hospital with an A&E department being over 50 miles distant, as the town’s own A&E was closed recently to make way for a Union Flag superstore.”

The organisers say they intend to continue rehearsals just as soon as they can “get their heads out of their arses”. That condition is said to be “pre-existing”.

Winston Churchill statue applies for political asylum in France

OUR FINEST SHOWER : PANIC at 10 Downing Street today after the SHOCKING discovery this morning that the statue of Winston Churchill has left this septic isle.

It’s believed the inanimate lump of metal, which by the way is prized by the Boris Johnson government more than life itself, slipped out of the police cordon sometime during the night.

“The officers were facing outward,” a 10 Downing Street source explains. “You never know when a woman with a banner protesting against violence to women will need to be forced to the ground and sat on by a crack team of riot police. That’s when Churchill left. We’re completely stumped as to why.”

But the departure of the statue looks set to cause a diplomatic incident with reports drifting back across the ENGLISH Channel that it has been sighted in Paris.

“We’ve heard the rumours that the Churchill statue has claimed political asylum in France. That seems highly unlikely to me. Why would he? What’s wrong with the facist leaning nationalism of famous liberal Boris Johnson’s government?”

Quite what measures will be undertaken to locate the statue, and indeed what response will be forthcoming from the executive should the statue be confirmed as having claimed asylum with THE FRENCH isn’t yet clear.

“When the prime minister wakes up for breakfast this afternoon he will be right on top of a detail,” the source reassured.

The Home Office is said to have already swung into action though, with Priti Patel ordering the border force to turn back the statue should it attempt to return by boat.

“As it is now legally an asylum seeker it has become Ms Patel’s natural enemy. Dan the clandestine channel threat commander will be on the lookout. He’ll do anything to get a biscuit or even a new chew toy from his boss.”

The mystery will presumably resolve itself in the hours to come, but it’s likely the statue left in protest, having had enough of living in Boris Johnson’s finest shower.

Downing Street report on Downing Street reports finds Downing Street reports are the best reports

WHITE OUT : 10 Downing Street has responded today to entirely undeserved criticisms by traitors over the quality of the reports it commissions with a robust defence, in the form of a Downing Street report.

The reports authors were handpicked by the prime minister during the five minutes each day that he almost works. The decision to decide the outcome of the report, before it was undertaken, was also at the direction of the PM.

“This Downing Street reports finds that Downing Street reports are without equal. They are world beating,” one of the reports authors, Mr White Wash, told LCD Views.

“The decision to decide the conclusion of the report was due to our new ramped up reporting procedure. If you don’t have a target when you fire, how can you expect to hit it?”

The report itself sources a wide variety of Downing Street supporters who all concur with the quality of the report and the reports it is reporting upon.

“We hope now that the country can move on from the needless and time consuming nit picking over reports that preceded this report, secure in the knowledge that the reports are all of the highest quality. We know this because we commissioned a report to prove it.”

But detractors have noticed one thing missing from the report into reports.

“Why isn’t it just the image of a Union Flag?” one patriotic Tory MP, Mr Glaf Hags demanded to know?

In response Downing Street have promised to commission a report into the lack of Union Flags on the report into the quality of reports.

“Lessons have been learned, it’s time to move on,” Mr White Wash reassures. “I would stick about but I have to produce a report on how the £2.6m spent on the new briefing room was a bargain.”

Position of PM’s mistress to become a cabinet position and not reverse cowgirl as expected

GIG ECONOMY POSITION : DOWNING STREET has moved to pour oil over troubled waters today regarding the ongoing furore over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s serial infidelity.

Some dour and prudish types have suggested that a man who is prepared to cheat on a wife undergoing cancer treatment may not be best suited for high office? Happily for Mr Johnson he rules over Brexitannia, so moral standards don’t matter.

“We are moving to quell the ongoing chatter as it’s very distracting for the prime minister when he’s making model buses out of empty wine crates,” a 10 Downing Street source told LCD Views. “And once the position of the PM’s mistress is a cabinet one then no one can say that whoever it is today is being paid inappropriately from public money. They’ll even get a pension and full job security, well, until the weekly reshuffle of the post.”

The move to make the position a full cabinet one does also show there is an aspirational quality to gig economy jobs.

“Zero hours contract? Random remuneration, but potentially large windfalls for services rendered? Could become an actual member of the government? Why not be a mistress? It’s part of Mr Johnson’s work as a feminist.”

The job title will be Secretary of State for Screwing the Prime Minister, which will see it eagerly sought after by a whole selection of much younger women with interesting friends.

“It needs to be a cabinet position too, as the mistress to the PM can be presumed to have significant political influence.”

The decision is a shock though to some who expected the position to be reverse cowgirl, or any other position found after consulting famous ministerial guide, the Kama Sutra.

“Back to the office!” says PM who plans to spend next week out of office dressed as a tinker, tailor or soldier

OUT OF OFFICE AUTO REPLY : The nation’s shagged out leader, Subprime Minister Boris Johnson, is worried everyone not a multi-millionaire cabinet minister (who may or may not have significant interests in commercial real estate) may have had just a little too much time off work during the plague. He isn’t standing for it.

“He’s actually in any number of positions for it, judging by today’s Arcuri story,” a 10 Downing Street source commented. “This interview is invented right? And so off the record. Can we talk about lazy, work shy Brits now? Like the Subprime Minister?”

I think it best.

“Good. It takes one to know one, as they say. And Boris spends most of his time out of the office. You know this because he’s always happy to share the photos of his playtime. And he’s very playful. He needs daily exercise like a dog that needs castrating or it will never calm down. So many legs to shag. All of them. It’s about dominance though, the leg shagging, not just pent up sexual frustration. You get that right?”

He seems a regular expert at work avoidance, to judge by his social media feeds.

“Well a succession of younger blondes with interesting friends don’t just look after themselves. You’re lucky he has any spare time or energy left to think about managing the country as it is. His image is the most important aspect. Don’t you just love him? What a rogue. I mean a less competent prime minister may have seen half a million die over the last year. When you think about chasing that bit of blonde totty that just happened to walk by…wait. Sorry. Let’s keep on top of work shy Brits.”


“Get back in the office! That’s the message. Just like last summer as the plague was ebbing. Give a kick and get it flowing again. We’ll be rebooting eat out to help out next. With a different title of course, as the last one risks denting Rishi’s prime rep into subprime too. It’s time to move on from that. But not for Boris. He’ll be leading by reverse example.”

What’s he dressing up as next week?

“Monday is a tinker. Tuesday is a tailor. Wednesday is a soldier. Thursday and Friday are top secret. Now back onto the trains and into the office with you. Only the alpha males get to be work shy!”

Priti Patel puts private militia on Home Office credit card

EXTERMINATE : The Home Secretary Priti Patel has gotten away with it again after everyone went down the rabbit hole of her beauty largesse on the Home Office credit card and ignored more worrying expenses.

Closer examination of the public expenses record by our non-existent expert has revealed a much more expensive and dangerous outlay.

“She spent three hundred thousand, thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand pounds at a shop called ‘Daleks R US’,” our expert discovered. “Closer inspection of the detail of the mammoth charge reveals it was to purchase a private militia.”

It seems the Home Secretary spent the vast and fabricated sum after a week of “lax, pussyfootin’ about and totally unacceptable” policing by Avon and Somerset Police in Bristol.

“The major concern seems to be how late in the evenin’ the police are takin’ to turn up with horses, do’s and riot shields,” our expert continues. “Ms Patel anticipates her private militia will deal with the troublemakers much more expediently. They will also be shouting exterminate over and over, which will make for much better footage when it’s shared amongst cackling Tory MPs on WhatsApp.”

But while the expense is plainly justifiable and the private militia are expected to deal with the hippy layabouts in a way that will be red meat for the Tory base, there is one note of concern.

“The protestors are apparently planning to peacefully protest tonight atop of some stairs. It’s uncertain how Ms Patel’s private militia will cope with that obstacle.”