Dominic Cummings edits 10 year old blog post to predict Barbados becoming a republic in 2020

FORESKIN ON THE KNOB OF FORESIGHT : It’s easy to forecast the future if you’re a superforecaster, but not everyone can be super. It’s a good thing Global Britain has a prime minister who has outsourced his brain to someone super.

And while the breaking news that Barbados has decided to discard the Queen may have shocked some in Blighty, it hasn’t shocked the man who saw it all coming.

“The only problem being that when Dom forecast that Barbados would become a Republic in 2010, he forget to write it down,” a Downing Street source said, “it was supposed to be included in a 200,000 word salad on how free markets could eradicate the issue of two socks going into one washing machine, but only one coming back out, based on the principles of Sun Tzu regarding staging successful ambushes of skirmishing cavalry. So he’s putting that right today, and editing the relevant blog post from 2010 to correct the historical record. Put things how they’re supposed to be, just like he did with Coronavirus.”

The correction will be reassuring to many. It would be unbecoming for such a genius to not have foreseen this event just as Britain relaunches the Commonwealth.

“It will also reassure the people of Barbados,” the source adds, “it will give them confidence that they are making the right choice, at the right time and ridding themselves of contemporary association with a country that is fast becoming a global embarrassment. I’m sure they’ve no hard feelings towards Her Majesty, but she does keep signing off those ridiculous bills into law.”

Brexit Britain – people just can’t get enough of us.

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